Battle Drills - Ambushes

Training code

In this training you will be instructed and then tested on your knowledge of proper procedures for both setting up an ambush, and reacting to an enemy ambush. You will also be instructed on how to set up an ambush for a vehicle convoy. This training is mandatory for BADO-3, and will be assessed by a senior instructor.


Qualification prerequisites

To pass this checklisted training you will be required to pass all of the 10 major proficiencies. Failing any one proficiency will result in a failure. The examiner will explain why you failed these points and what you can do to pass them. The test can be retaken after a period of seven days. Only the points that led to the previous failure will be reassessed.

  • (MAJ) Show working knowledge of the 2 types of ambushes
  • (MAJ) Know the 2 key elements of a hasty ambush
  • (MAJ) Know the 2 key elements of a deliberate ambush
  • (MAJ) Know the key elements of an ambush
  • (MAJ) Know 2 ambush tactics and when to apply them
  • (MAJ) Know 4 key elements of a linear ambush
  • (MAJ) Know 4 key elements of a L- shaped ambush
  • (MAJ) Know the 4 key elements of a convoy/vehicle ambush
  • (MAJ )Know how to react to a close ambush (50m)
  • (MAJ) Know how to react to a far ambush (50m+)

Awarded upon completion:

3 MM