KAC Act3: Routed





From: ColGen P. Kinn Duk

(Supreme Intelligence Officer, IGTC, K-3 )

To team
Start time
2018-07-15 BST01:00:00
End time


Our nuclear assault resulted in surrender of Japanese forces and allowed us to force any and all coalition forces stationed there to stand down aswell as part of the terms of surrender. With few bases left in the pacific west to operate from, the US forces in the area will have a much harder time continuing their assault on the North Korean mainland.

Unfortunately the US has still not backed down completely, and here on Isla Abramia they are regrouping their forces near Yolandi, their last stronghold on the island. We expect them to attempt to launch a massive counter-attack soon to prevent us from launching any other missiles towards japan from Abramia.

We hold the initiative however, and will double our efforts to rout them from the island completely so we can continue using abramia to hold Japan hostage, in the hopes of giving us an upper hand against the US in the negotiations of a cease-fire.

Our south-eastern forces assaulted Yolandi whilst you where holding Camp Fisher, keeping the forces there occupied to reduce the enemy response against our launches there, our forces where ultimately pushed back. The US have since regrouped there as mentioned previously, meaning there will now be even tougher resistance there.

Coordinating with our other forces we've been assigned the task of assaulting Yolandi from the north, whilst our other available forces will once again attempt an attack from the east.

Insert near Belucco, then take out any enemies along the way as you move into position north of Yolandi, and then assault the northern defensive line there with everything you got.

Be mindful however, the enemy have also concentrated the last of their anti-air assets on the island in and around Yolandi.


Additional Notes:

Morning mission

With the AA threat increased near your last objective on the island, and the primary goal of the campaign to force japans surrender completed. We've re-assigned the SU-25's to the defense of the Mainland.


Uniform: M93(Woodland)
Vest: 6B5-19
Helmet: SSh-68
Primary Weapons: AK-74N, AK-74N(GP-25), PKM, SVDS. (NPZ/PLUM variant not allowed)
Launchers: RPG-7V2, 9k38 IGLA



  • Sieze the last enemy stronghold on the island
    • Rout the enemy from the small military base to the west of Yolandi
    • Destroy assets at the airfield


  • N/A

Friendly assets

* = You'll be given 1 vehicle of this type per mission

Ground Vehicles

  • 1x BRM-1K*
  • 1x Logistical Truck*
  • 3x BRDM-2 (Machinegun)
  • 1x BRDM-2 (Konkurs AT)
  • ∞x BRDM-2 (Unarmed)
  • ∞x Inflatable Boats


  • 4x Mi-25
  • 2x Mi-8MTV3
  • 1x Mi-8MTV3(Heavy)
  • ∞x Mi-8MT

Enemy assets

US Army

  • Infantry
  • Ground vehicles
  • Helicopters
  • Anti-Aircraft
    • Heavy around the airfield
  • Mortars