Guidelines Proposal 2018

You can find the proposal for the new guidelines to be implemented in 2018. They are based on the previous guidelines with the intent of improving readability and clarity. The guidelines have been split into two parts namely etiquette and operational structure.

  • Etiquette: this section contains information on how we expect people to behave.
  • Operational structure: this section contains an outline of how our community is structured and how decisions are made.

When this proposal is confirmed by the community through a vote it will be given a more appropriate place on the site.


It is not uncommon the conflicts arise between people. Below you can see a problem-solving method that we hope you will employ to resolve any conflicts that might occur. As also shown below and in our guidelines you may note that we value the well-being of our members and nonmembers alike.



Operational structure

As much as possible we try to display our operational structure through imagery and graphs. Below you can see an image where our democratic structure is outlined.