Hello Everyone (Intro my self)

Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Aris (Greek name from the Ancient Greek god of war). I am Greek and 31 years old (at least when I wrote this post!). I am Achilles' twin brother (the guy that has the previous post of mine!). I do a lot of jobs, most of them has to do something with security operations (maritime security mostly for now) and I have taken basic P.M.C. training! I have served in the Greek Army (service in Greece kind of mandatory) as a Cadet Officer and 2nd Lieutenant of Special Forces of reserves. I have fulfilled the role of Rifleman, Fire Team Leader (FTL), Squad Leader (SQL), Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Leader and Drill Sergeant. I have gone through BASIC training for all these roles and I have gone through BASIC Special Forces training, BASIC Rangers training (NO parachuting training though) and BASIC amphibious training (NO underwater/scuba/combat-diver training and mostly leading teams for beach assaults as I served a lot in the marine corps!). I also have lead a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol as a Patrol Leader (but only in school when we were going through training!). I also perform magic (TRICKS) and I love board and tabletop miniature wargames (modern, post-apoc and sci-fi genres mostly). I enjoy playing ArmA seriously BUT with NO "yes/no sir" kind of stuff (it is a game and that how it has to stay... at least for me!). I prefer to think that when I play ArmA, I operate, not just fighting!! All these are the reason that I LOVE 3rd Person camera and cool looking equipment! :P ... Unfortunately I don't have any kind of scripting and/or mission making skills (except some times, some "OK" ideas about mission scenarios!). I wish I can bring the most of me to the group, have fun and hope I can help anyway possible!

Welcome to IGG,

Good to have you around, Hope to see you in game soon!

Hey Man pop on teamspeak so we can do your intro