Hello all

Introduce Yourself!

Hello all,

Name's Achilles and I come from Greece (makes sense right?!?!). I work as a sound engineer and I am here mainly to enjoy ArmA with the IGT guys. If in the process I manage to do any good to the community..., even better :).

I like enjoying some serious gaming and some easy time outside the game. That is not to say that in game I don't enjoy some funny moments but I am not a big fan of constant "goofing around" while playing. Definitely not the "yes/no sir" guy and a huge supporter of mutual respect between all individuals inside and outside this and any community.

Really glad to have joined a community which at least so far, in my first steps, seems well organized, very friendly, helpful and mature.

Looking forward to more time with you guys.

Best to everyone,


Cool, I hope we can keep it up. In any case I hope you can join one of our missions soon.

Looking forward to have you join us on our A3 missions. Unfortunately for me, Jaypee is the one who gets the pleasure of having you join his squad. But maybe if you do well we can upgrade you to 1-1. :P (Come at me Jayps!)


Also; oooOOOooo, sound engineer! Might be able to  abuse   take advantage off   exploit  benefit from that to get us some nice sound clips, voice overs and stuff for our missions, if that seems like something you'd enjoy fiddling with. :)


Absolutely, just throw stuff at me and we'll work on that together...


Feel free to not wait for me to ask for something to do. Just let me know if/when you have something you want made and I'll do my best to keep up. We might have to work a bit together especially at the beginning until we find a good formula and a common denominator to work on. Nevertheless I would love to help wherever I can.


One more thing..., if you want voice overs you'll have to record and send them to me yourselves, 'cause you wouldn't like to have my rough Greek accent in your clips ;P

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Heya! Good to have you on board man! 

Looking forward to play Arma 3 alongside you!