Operation Shackled


Dear reader,

Welcome to the Operation Shackled Forum,

Here most updates will be placed. The missions will be held on sunday, during IGT missions but also 1 extra a week for smaller teams, depending on who signs up. These teams work as a small detachment of ranger 1-6 and of course will follow all IGT rules, so training for weapons or function is required.


Any questions should go through discord or PM- ME (Keffie)

The mod set is IGT primary with the additional mods Lythium and Jbad  these are on steam but also on arma3sync.


This forum will be used to keep track of who did what, when and what position. An after-action report will be posted of what happened and what kind of influence it has on the storyline. Also all new missions will be posted here. The story’s development depend on you as a player. Keep this in mind.


Signing up means showing up. Each mission will have a minimal required setup if this is not met, then the mission is not a go. If it’s not a go, it will be announced at least 1 hour before standard deployment time.


Gear setup will be on mission briefing as well as any intel gathered or recieved.



Introduction Campaign

It has been five years since the area between Badghis and Bala Murghad has been cleared. The terrorist organisation stationed there between 2002 and 2015 has been demolished by the spanish army. After these years of peace, things have began brewing again. Encampments have been spotted around the area, causing trouble to the civilians in the nearby towns. Various gas stations and government buildings have been taken over by these forces. There have also been reports about civilians that have gone missing, and the local authorities lost the control over it. We are not fully certain that we’re speaking of the remnants of the same terrorist organisation that was wiped off the map, but the suspicion needs to be transformed into certainty.

You will be stationed in Kaleanoowi. Here you will find a well-equipped base at your disposal. This will aid you during the missions lying ahead.

The current area is on high alert with more than one authority. Russian army forces have been spotted in the area, seeming to either diminish the threat aswell, or to look for something else entirely. This means you have to be extra careful not to create any casualties along the way.

It is your task to find out what the current organisations are doing within the area of operation, and to neutralize any threats on the way. It is of utmost importance that the information will be recorded properly. You are the first to enter this area after the cleansweep five years ago, which means that intel will be provided according to the situations handled during the upcoming missions. It is important to keep your eyes peeled and report any importance to your superiors at all times.


Mission 1

  • Objectives Kill Ibrahim Wihassim

  • Capture HVT

  • Leave no trace of our involvement


A local contact have reported that there is a executioner active in the vicinity who takes out civilian hostages for ransom. There is a possibility that this man will be called to arms during a scheduled meeting. We have yet to confirm this rumour, but the possible locations have been noted. The target is mentioned to be called “Ibrahim Wihassim”, but once again, there’s no clear confirmation if that is true. It is up to you to investigate this matter.

A local contact has informed us of the following:
- Ibrahim Wihassim is told to be highly dangerous and probably armed.
- He will not be located on his own, and he should be found in a building under heavy protection. Rumour has it that there will be a meeting that will discuss the local trading network of the vicinity.
- A second party will attend this meeting, meaning that there will be another important contact in the vicinity. Keep your eyes peeled for him or her, and prioritize his/her captivity.

It is your priority to gather as much information as possible on this matter, and eliminate any possible threats silently. It is prioritized not to leave any witnesses, and civillians should be spared at all costs. Do not leave any distinct traces about your involvement, and investigate the rumours thoroughly.


Drone picture 1

Drone picture 2


Required  personnel

1x FTL

3x Fireteam members

1x Spotter

1x Sniper


Optionel personnel

1x Transport pilot