Operation Proving fields 2

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Start time
2018-01-07 GMT00:00:00
End time


While Operation Proving fields has been deemed successful, our enemy has not yet been defeated. The roots of the IS burrow deeply around Ortego and it’s up to us to eliminate this threat for once and for all.

Our mission is simple. To protect Ortego from the IS threat, and wipe out all the terrorists from this location.
- Rumour has it that there are helicopters active in the area. It’s uncertain how many are currently fully operational.

- It has also been brought to our attention that they possess multiple tanks. It is rumoured they consist mainly out of T72 and T34 models, but it is unconfirmed how many are still functional.

- BTR80 vehicles have been located near Ortego, often in the company of landrovers.
- It is advised to use night vision devices so your vision will not be obscured if we need to make a stand until midnight.
- We don’t have any confirmed numbers of enemies in the vicinity. This means we will have to be extra cautious.
- The civilians have been evacuated, but keep in mind that the buildings of the cities should remain intact



  • Protect Ortego
    • Damage to civilian buildings should be kept to an absolute minimum.
    • Do not let IS stay  in Ortego


Friendly assets

  • 6x hmmv m2
  • 3 times command hmmv
  • 1x cbs medical truck
  • 1x command truck

Enemy assets

  • t72
  • t34
  • Btr80
  • Enemy Infantry
  • Landrover modded



  • Combat uniform (Afgan/spec4ce black)
  • [PO] GA Carrier light (ANA Camo) or [PO] Vest (ANA Camo)
  • [PO] 6B27M ANA


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron