A new idea i wanted to try


Hello everyone! I had a few ideas for a series of events that we could do in Arma 3 / IGT.

The idea behind these events and missions is to spice things up in terms of adjustments to situations, improvisation, the right corresponding reactions and finding solutions. Which only adds that it’s a nice change compared to our usual missions.


For one of the upcoming events I’m looking for volunteers to take up the position/roles of:

1 Police force commissioner: He/she will get a set of ROE that everyone should follow, and he/she will be the core example and executor of the mission.

4 to 12 Police Officials: These are the ones to follow the ROE set up by the commissioner, and making sure that the tasks at hand will be executed.

2 to 4 Roleplayers: These selected few are the heart of the story. They will help and guide the players through the storyline. The most crucial part of this role, is to be able to fully empathize with the character. This means he/she will have to play the role of their character accordingly, without breaking character. It is asked of them to be in character during the mission, and only leave this role when there is absolutely no other way.

The dates and time schedule hasn’t been set just yet. I need to make sure if there are enough people interested. Once I’m sure there are enough positive responses from all of you, I can set this into motion.

The story:
The mayor of Kavala, Javahn Aliz has recently been married. The beautiful Monica Belus,known from starring in multiple model magazines and being Miss Altis four times in a row, has said yes to Javahn in front of the Cathedral of Kavala. To celebrate this joyous occasion not only by themselves, but also with the people of Kavala, they have arranged a grand festival. During this celebration there will be many interesting activities that will keep the locals occupied. This includes kart racing, performances from famous Altis’ bands, and not to forget the grand buffet in the centre of town.

Our job is to keep this location secured. We, as a police task-force, are called upon to make sure this delightful event doesn’t even get the slightest hints of disturbance. This means that we will have to prevent anything that could put the locals in danger. This includes brawls, riots and other acts of violence that could influence the happiness of the guests and the newly-wedded couple.


Please let me know if  you want to paticipate

I would be keen to give this a try!

same here im up for it.  im willing to give roleplay a go

I'm def up for it