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Is there any chance we can have sub folder things in the forums ( i have no idea what to call it)

to give a better description, i would like a "folder thing" within the Final Fantasy XIV. i would like to put the topic's withing Final Fantasy XIV into different categories "folder things".

so i would have Speco Missions in one "folder thing" and all the raid details in another "folder thing" so on so on...

is this possible?


Christ yes, definitely possible. I'll see who can make forum subfolders. I'll make it so that teamleads can make these if it isn't already.

I believe the word you're looking for is "Subcategories". :) And i agree, it would bring a lot of structure to the entire forum if teamleads could take the time to make some for multiple forum sections. Possibly add to the next IGG agenda the discussions of subcategories for non-gaming forum categories. :)

Team leads could already do it the links to the specific pages just weren't available. They have now been implemented and are available to the specific people that can edit the forums. Keep in mind membership support is also able to do this.