Speco FC Mission - All Rounder

Final Fantasy XIV

ALL ROUNDER- 1xTank, 1xHealer, 1xDPS at level 70

To Do List: Have one Tank, Healer and a DPS to level 70 

Time Limit: unlimited (N/A)

Rules: You MUST COMPLETE 'To Do List' within the Time Limit. Anyone ranked Officer or higher and Ranked WizardGagingHat CAN NOT apply for Speco FC Missions. 

Reward: Promotion (Does not apply to Elders) and 50,000gil.       Elders Reward: 150,000gil

Punishment: Demotion (If you are a commoner and fail the mission, you will gain the rank WizardGagingHat)

How to Apply: 'accept the mission' down below

Scpeco FC missions is one of many ways of going up in the ranks in the Free Company as well as gaining extra Gil. if you have any additional Questions, contact TeamKilinCamper (Yoi Blackkit) though the website or ingame (FF14).

Accept  the mission

accept the mission


ok joining for this one,  dps blm lvl 70 , next will be a healer. 

Time Limit, unlimited?

Well, considering this:


Accept The Misssion
Accept The Mission


Acccept misssion (Lisssanna Karaboni)

Accept mission ( Suzana Albright )

This mission will end on the 30th of July. there will be some Alterations for September

SAM 70, PLD 70... one healer to go!

Hi Yoi, are you reopening these, or just reminding us that we still need to check in on our results?

nope, just keeping tally. people that has posted before that post has been rewarded so any new people apply will be after that comment and ill know who i have not rewarded