UPDATE: Small chance i might dissapear for a small period.

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Just a quick heads up to you guys, i'm starting my moving tomorrow, and as such i MIGHT be gone for a while, as i'm not sure how the internet solution is over there until i get fiber installed into the new apartment. Could take uptowards a month or two to get fiber installed, so if i do dissapear i could end up being gone for a while. Will update this weekend if things turn out allright. :)

Update: Well i've moved in, and are currently piggybacking on a unstable and shitty wifi signal. :P

Naturally the long awaited 10gb patch to arma also decided to launch the same day i was moving, so it was absolutely lovely to start downloading that at a whopping 50kbps with an average wait time of 3 days 2 hours...

Will be attempting to boost the signal and such for tuesday, but chances are that whilst i'll still be able to be online, it will be so limited that i may not be able to attend Tactical tuesdays in the near future. We'll see come tuesday.

(Any large updates to the repo in the next coming weeks will have a high risk of further reducing my chance to be able to attend).

have a good move Ex

Have FunĀ 

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