Lets play a game, within the Game - Hide and Seek at Ishgard

Final Fantasy XIV

Hide and Seek at Ishgard

26th October(Friday) 7pm ST

A simple game of hide and seek at Ishgard and the winner will get a Prize (Surprise item.)

Available Locations are: Ishgard - Foundation   and    Ishgard - The Pillers


How To Play: The Seeker will start at the Ishgard - Foundation Large Aetheryte in and Hiders will start at Ishgard - Foundation. Once everyone is in position, A 3 min timer will start. Once the 3 min timer start, Hiders go and find a hiding spot and the Seeker stays at the aetheryte. Once the 3 min has ended. the Seeker will try and find you.

Rules:  You start with 1 seeker and X amount of hiders. Once a Hider has been found, he/she becomes a seeker until the last hider is found. Once a hider have found a spot, he/she must remain there until found. Anyone is welcome to join but only people who apply to Lets play a game, within the Game - Hide and Seek are entitled to the prize.


For purpose of this event could all contestants please turn off character labels ( especially you seekers out there) to do so go to character configuration and on the display name settings tab, use the hide configuration

How To Apply: Comment below saying "Count me In" and you'll be added to the prize list and the last one found on the list, Wins!!!