KAC Epilogue: Consequences

The North Koreans prevented some of our own forces from evacuating from Isla abramia before our retaliatory nuclear strikes landed upon the small archipelago, this forced us to re-route the warhead heading for Yolandi, to give our forces a chance to get to safety before any fallout started raining down over the city.

The rest of the warheads hit their intended targets however, ensuring that the vast majority of korean forces on the island where wiped out, and most areas outside Yolandi should now be considered radioactive hellscapes.

KAC Act3: Routed

Our nuclear assault resulted in surrender of Japanese forces and allowed us to force any and all coalition forces stationed there to stand down aswell as part of the terms of surrender. With few bases left in the pacific west to operate from, the US forces in the area will have a much harder time continuing their assault on the North Korean mainland.

KAC Act3: Escalation

After you destroyed the supplies and armor support intended to resupply and reinforce the enemy force in the north, they where forced to fall back. Our own forces now control most the eastern areas and roads leading up to the town of Pepinal.

In the south our forces are having a bit more trouble, they've secured themselves a beachhead thanks to air support from reaper, and are trying to move towards the Yolandi Airport and its accompanying town, but have met hard resistance from the garrison there.

KAC Act3: Attrition

The offensive started well, all the eastern islands have mostly been secured, with some stragglers left on the south eastern island, and the enemy forces in the north have fallen back to their FOB at the small Airfield of Vucco to rest and refit.

Our forces in the north will be ready to attempt a push further west at midnight, but they are worried that the enemy will have had the time to rearm their forces by then, as we've learned that a large convoy is setting up to resupply their rear supply depot within a few hours.

KAC Act3: Mental Assault

Welcome to Abramia.

We're putting you straight to work with clearing out an enemy stronghold in the area before they are able to reinforce it.

The isle in question is well guarded, and needs to be approached with care, as they are sure to have bunkers and patrols across the AO. These are sure to pose a threat to you if not spotted early.

KAC Act2: Bulwark

Our first order of buisness is to defend against a USMC push trough the valley on the western part of Panthera. 8th infantry will be holding the other avenue of approach to the north, leaving us to defend our assigned AO by ourself.

KAC Interlude: Unveiling

We've recieved word from our informant in the tropical province of Song Bin Tanh, his message was short, but conveyed the need for a military presence, and urgently.

We're currently not in a position to send our troops to investigate every single potential threat out there though, but as this is a person we believe we can trust, we'll at the very least send a small detachment to investigate, that detachment is you.

KAC Act1: Sweeper

The time has come to attempt to strike at one of the airfields, in this operation your primary objective is to utilize the BM-21 grad's you've been given, to launch an artillery strike at the southern airfield.

You'll be moving down past Southern lapangan, and the forested areas south west of the town, to the airfield and resort of Tepi Pantai.