Simmons' Surprise 2

After the country wide resurgence of insurgent activity we've been tasked to start making the streets of Zargabad safe again. The PMC's active in town have been withdrawn and are no longer operating in the area. The intel we gathered from them does clearly show that we are dealing with a mad enemy who will not take kindly to hesitation. Therefore we are to show our presence and deny the enemy the comfort of unfettered access the the city and it's population. They terrorise people with their ideology and suppress resistance with extreme malice and violence.

Liberation Malden

Assessing the current situation in Malden and forming a plan by command will ensure victory on the battlefield. Establish communication through whispers in team speak to maintain chain of command. Standard SOP apply, join your team as per usual. Keep an eye on your weight and stamina in preparation.

Simmons' Surprise

We are six years into the occupation. It has been a ride for us. A boring one though one might say. Long hours of just standing here, standing there, keep an eye on this, keep an eye on that. We welcomed the occasional firefight but they were over quickly. These fucking yokels can't shoot for shit.

Fools of April

We had an incident north of Ireland 2 days ago, a NATO aircraft was shot at and heavily damaged by an unknown agressor about 40 clicks off the north western coast of Ireland, the aircraft attempted to return back to a NATO base in England, but ultimately the pilot had to eject when he suffered a complete engine shutdown.

The pilot was found by search and rescue 18 hours ago, and the aircraft wreck was secured early on after the incident, but the Black box was nowhere to be found.

Operation Kickback

We've deployed to Shapur, in response to our Kurdish allies in the area requesting assistance with rooting out one of the last IS strongholds in the area.


The Kurds ended up taking heavy casualties last night, after a failed flanking manouver left 2 of their squads cut off, and any attempt at regrouping with the elements was met with heavy enemy resistance.

Operation Shackled Main mission 5

After the heavy losses you have suffered during the previous missions, other aspects have come to light. It is the task of Ranger 1 to take over Kinduf airport. This airport is located within the outskirts of the city of Kinduf. We expect little to no resistance within the outskirts around the airport, because the enemy has been seen taking their retreat towards a fortified location within Kinduf. This base is the current hideout of the last of the IS threat.

Operation Shackled Main mission 4

It has been two months since the incident at MikisFOB, and Reaper and the Ranger Platoon have been put back into action. High Command could not find, nor support any evidence that Ranger 2 was responsible for the death of the Russian soldier. The tension between Russia and the US is still strong, leaving the diplomatic communication between the two factions rusty and set to a minimal. Secret services has found out that the IS have gotten their hands on improved materials, weaponry and intel.

Operation Shackled Special mission 4

After the heavy combat we were in to save the UN from the terrorists’ grasp, we have come to terms with the fact that the enemy is armed with heavier equipment than we have anticipated. It is our job to adapt to this, and to make sure that we will not be overwhelmed or overrun by their forces.
High Command has activated Reaper, and it is operational.

Two AH-64 Longbows were granted to us, to support our tactical advance towards the centre of the region.

Operation Shackled Main mission 3

Our mission is to rescue our allied UN forces who are residing in a city. This city is located at figures 042 120. Last mission they have encountered a massive setback, and now is the time to take them out. They are unable to hold their ground with their current numbers and equipment at their disposal.

It is your job to breach this village, clear out any terrorists in your path and get the UN forces out there alive. Keep an eye out for possible civilians or other hostages, as it has not been confirmed that all of them have been cleared from this location.

Operation Shackled Special mission 3

Because of the recent tragedy we have encountered with our mission by the deployed UN, the US has set up a plan with the local media. Adeline Bailey will be arriving at the airport of Kaleanoowi to make a live report of the current situation regarding the terrorist activity in Badghis and Bala Murghad. The council has requested she will be making a report while escorted by  a infantry  company. She will be partnering with Ranger company Lead by Captain K. Blane.