Step 0

Use steam workshop


Step 1

Download the Arma 3 Sync Client

Download it from: Armaholic.

Step 2

Install & Run the Software

Make sure you run as admin.

Step 3

Set-up the Repository

Select Repositories from the tab options at the top and click on add new [+].

Step 4

For the repository name you can choose what ever name you like (i.e. IGG ARMA 3). Then use the details in the image to connect (the password is redadmiral and then click Import from the top right.


After the details fill-in click on the OK button. Select the repository and click the blue connect button. This will show you a list of all mods on the IGG Game Server.

Step 5

NOTICE: When you want to download mods for another event you will first have to close the mod-tab (that opened in the step before), then select the other event from the "Repositories" tab and click the "Connect" button again.

Step 6

Download the mods

  • Click the green tick under check for addons, Tick the addons you wish to download on the right and then click the black [>] button on the left under "download addons" to start downloading.
  • Links in red are not in your System and need to be downloaded or updated
  • Links in blue have less information than your version (activating them means you will delete instead of update)