Operation Shackled Special mission 1

A local contact have reported that there is a executioner active in the vicinity who takes out civilian hostages for ransom. There is a possibility that this man will be called to arms during a scheduled meeting. We have yet to confirm this rumour, but the possible locations have been noted. The target is mentioned to be called “Ibrahim Wihassim”, but once again, there’s no clear confirmation if that is true. It is up to you to investigate this matter.

A local contact has informed us of the following:

Operation Shackled Main mission 1

Because of the first mission not being a success, K. Blane has stepped forward to initiate further negotiations and a meeting to grand more information about the current situations in the area. Blane and his associates were to be expected to return an hour ago from the targeted location in Tunkuf, at a small cluster of buildings with a water basin. Neither Blane or his men have been in contact about their position and status. And it is your task to find out about his current whereabouts.

Operation: Desperate measures

We've gathered more information from our captives and our analysts have found out some more information as well. The 3 brothers that owned the compound we cleared the other day are actually not responsible for the attacks. We've now learned that there's a corrupt covert operative that has caused the current situation, he was looking for information on the people that are in witness protection that are testifying against him. The information was wasn't available on one machine so that's why he orchestrated the attacks on the embassies.

Operation: Desperate times IV

The HVT codename “the banker” has been very talkative, we've gotten a lot of information out of him including his contacts, namely the 3 brothers by the name of Frootan. We also got another big breakthrough, last night a failsafe GPS beacon was activated that belongs to one of the raided computer systems.
We managed to triangulate the position of said system and we were able to remotely disable it to not cause any suspicion that we found them!

Operation: Desperate times II

After last night’s attacks on the embassies we are on high alert. Chatter has been abnormally quiet and the analysts are saying that this might be an indication that it isn't over yet.

Now that the embassy personal is secure and on their way stateside we can start working on finding out who is behind this and getting payback.

Operation: Desperate times

Information is scarce on this one, there are several coordinated attacks happening this very moment on several of our embassies, your task is to secure and exfil the civilians of our embassy in Rasman and to destroy all confidential intelligence in the embassy.


This is a reactionary mission we do not know who is behind these coordinated attacks at this point so any intelligence you can extract will be helpful.

Operation Proving fields 2

While Operation Proving fields has been deemed successful, our enemy has not yet been defeated. The roots of the IS burrow deeply around Ortego and it’s up to us to eliminate this threat for once and for all.

Our mission is simple. To protect Ortego from the IS threat, and wipe out all the terrorists from this location.
- Rumour has it that there are helicopters active in the area. It’s uncertain how many are currently fully operational.

Operation Last Straw

There have been sightings of rebel forces at Tanoa. Tanoa is an island in the South-Pacific ocean which is mainly inhabited by fishermen, miners and farmers. Since its liberation by the US Marines in 1944, the island had been rather quiet. But not too long ago, it has been stirred back to life. The current Tanoan army had conflicts about the dividing of the main export products of the island: Minerals. Some of the men have caught whispers of this, and left the army to claim this for their own.

Codename: Kingpin Phase II


With the successful capture of one of the bridges within the Kunduz region, the Afghan National Army has proceeded to reinforce and monitor the bridge to halt further Taliban and Militant movement into the east.

Furthermore, intelligence that has been found within one of the civilian buildings has lead to the reveal of the location of "Warlord" who the ANA believe to be the head of the terrorist cell in this region.