Privacy Policy

To be in accordance with the GDPR we are publishing our privacy policy on the website. Whilst nothing has changed in the way we operate, we are now required to clearly outline what personal information we currently hold, and give you a clear way of informing us that you want it deleted, if that is your wish. We require that you read the privacy policy in full.

Personal data

To make it clear, we do not want your personal information! We are a community of anonymous people who are interested in gaming. When registering on the site we only require information that allows us to contact you in case of any issues or when you specifically opt in to services. We do not sell or share your data. When registering we implore you not to give us any personally identifiable information. Except for your username, password, and email any information you provide will be used to display your preferences in gaming to others on the site, and to the public. More information can be obtained through our primary contact email address:

IGT names

If you're a member of IGT, our Arma 3 realism unit that organises weekly mission, we require you to use a full name on the roster. To make it clear, we do not require this to be your real name. The IGT roster is a publicly viewable page, and therefore if you decide to use your real name, you are making that information visible to the public. For that reason we strongly advise against using your real name.

Paypal donations

We use PayPal to manage our finances and to receive donations. Therefore invoices made on the PayPal network are available to us. These records are kept for seven years and will be deleted after. The information on these invoices is as follows:

  • your full name,
  • your home address,
  • your phone number and
  • email address.


Cookies are small files that websites store on your device to provide information on what your relationship is with that specific website. These cookies could then be used in functionalities such as:

  • keeping you logged in when revisiting the website,   
  • storing your preferences without being logged in,
  • …    

The only cookies we use are created when you login. This cookie will identify you when you visit our website again and log you in automatically and securely.

Overview of personal information

If you want an overview of the personal information just visit your personal account. The information we hold through PayPal can be obtained on request through our primary email:

Deletion of personal data

On request we will delete your personal data on our website. This can be done by deleting your account. However we are legally bound to keep invoices of donations for seven years. Therefore this information is exempt from your request of deleting information.