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Because of the first mission not being a success, K. Blane has stepped forward to initiate further negotiations and a meeting to grand more information about the current situations in the area. Blane and his associates were to be expected to return an hour ago from the targeted…

A local contact have reported that there is a executioner active in the vicinity who takes out civilian hostages for ransom. There is a possibility that this man will be called to arms during a scheduled meeting. We have yet to confirm this rumour, but the possible locations have been…

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My name is Snakevenomus but id like it if you would just call me snake for short.

I am a 23-year-old guy and iv wasted most of my life on Minecraft and a lot of other games "Runescape" lol

I am a none toxic friendly guy who likes the peace. I can be short on words at times as I…

We've gathered more information from our captives and our analysts have found out some more information as well. The 3 brothers that owned the compound we cleared the other day are actually not responsible for the attacks. We've now learned that there's a…

The HVT codename “the banker” has been very talkative, we've gotten a lot of information out of him including his contacts, namely the 3 brothers by the name of Frootan. We also got another big breakthrough, last night a failsafe GPS beacon was activated that…

Dear reader,

Welcome to the Operation Shackled Forum,

Here most updates will be placed. The missions will be held on sunday, during IGT missions but also 1 extra a week for smaller teams, depending on who…

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