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We are six years into the occupation. It has been a ride for us. A boring one though one might say. Long hours of just standing here, standing there, keep an eye on this, keep an eye on that. We welcomed the occasional firefight but they were over quickly. These fucking yokels can't shoot for…

Hi everyone! My name is Aris (Greek name from the Ancient Greek god of war). I am Greek and 31 years old (at least when I wrote this post!). I am Achilles' twin brother (the guy that has the previous post of mine!). I do a lot of jobs, most of them has to do something with security operations (…

We had an incident north of Ireland 2 days ago, a NATO aircraft was shot at and heavily damaged by an unknown agressor about 40 clicks off the north western coast of Ireland, the aircraft attempted to return back to a NATO base in England, but ultimately the pilot had to eject when he suffered a…

We've deployed to Shapur, in response to our Kurdish allies in the area requesting assistance with rooting out one of the last IS strongholds in the area.


The Kurds ended up taking heavy casualties last night, after a failed flanking manouver left 2 of their squads cut off, and…

We're working hard on an update to the Community Guidelines. We'll have it done hopefully in a few weeks. When we release it do read through it fully. There will be a proper vote on it after release. You can join us working on it on a weakly basis every Tuesday 19:00 GMT

After the heavy losses you have suffered during the previous missions, other aspects have come to light. It is the task of Ranger 1 to take over Kinduf airport. This airport is located within the outskirts of the city of Kinduf. We expect little to no resistance within the outskirts…

It has been two months since the incident at MikisFOB, and Reaper and the Ranger Platoon have been put back into action. High Command could not find, nor support any evidence that Ranger 2 was responsible for the death of the Russian soldier. The tension between Russia and the US is…

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