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It has been two months since the incident at MikisFOB, and Reaper and the Ranger Platoon have been put back into action. High Command could not find, nor support any evidence that Ranger 2 was responsible for the death of the Russian soldier. The tension between Russia and the US is…

After the heavy combat we were in to save the UN from the terrorists’ grasp, we have come to terms with the fact that the enemy is armed with heavier equipment than we have anticipated. It is our job to adapt to this, and to make sure that we will not be overwhelmed or overrun by their…

Hello all,

Name's Achilles and I come from Greece (makes sense right?!?!). I work as a sound engineer and I am here mainly to enjoy ArmA with the IGT guys. If in the process I manage to do any good to the community..., even better :).

I like enjoying some serious gaming and some…

Our mission is to rescue our allied UN forces who are residing in a city. This city is located at figures 042 120. Last mission they have encountered a massive setback, and now is the time to take them out. They are unable to hold their ground with their current numbers and equipment at…

Platoon wide changes

1. Squad Line-up (04-03-2018)

Squad Formed 8 per squad

  • Squadleader  
  • Fireteamleader
  • 6 x Members

The squad will be reformed with the SL being granted a defined…

Because of the recent tragedy we have encountered with our mission by the deployed UN, the US has set up a plan with the local media. Adeline Bailey will be arriving at the airport of Kaleanoowi to make a live report of the current situation regarding the terrorist activity in Badghis…

Karift, Zhapir and Kunara are low on supplies. The people are suffering from the drought that has this region in its grasp. And if the drought wasn’t enough, the terrorist threat rages on around the borders of these affected villages. Food, water and medical supplies were specifically…

As a result of saving K. Blane and the other hostages out of the hands of the terrorists, we have come to known their possible weapon- and trade routes. While following this trail we have found weapon transport leading up to a possible factory or depository. Rumour has it that I.…

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