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We've discovered the location of 3 insurgency cells here on altis, we've been monitoring their activity in the area for a while now, and have concluded that at this exact moment, the leaders of these cells will be located at their cell HQ's.

You're being deployed immediatly, to assault…

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines, The defense of Harcourt and its bridge was a success but at a cost.

Navy Air Group has informed us its F/A-18F call sign reaper 1 took fire and crashed minutes ago. I need you to form a QRF team and head out there as quick as…

1 month ago
  • Director election = Jaypee has been re-elected as director and will keep an eye on future…

Hide and Seek at Goblet (FC house)

24th November(Saturday) 6pm BST (or Server Time)

A simple game of hide and seek at Goblet Subdivision - Ward 2 and the winner will get a Prize (Surprise item.)

Available Locations are: Ward 2 Goblet Subdividion 


To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

Marines your last mission was a complete success. we have pushed the remnants of the main force off of the south-east island and over the bridge north of Harcourt. SEALs have verified the town is clean and along with SATCOM and the airforce are…

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

We have a serious problem. The Russians have moved in and rapidly mobilized and dug into the island. The Pirate presence was swiftly eliminated thanks to the Russians which did our job for us but this has given us a concern - THEM. why are…

To: Personnel of Expeditionary Group 16

We have arrived in the Tanoan archipelago and have made contact with the local government and have been tasked with looking into the pirate activity on the southwest section of the island chain. HUMINT from the island has tipped us off to…

Athira was a hard fought and close victory for us, your team managed to route the majority of enemies from the town but we were not expecting their explosive tenacity in holding that town for as long as they did, thankfully the team tasked with securing the northern lines were able to assist in…

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