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My real name is Aris (Greek name from ancient Greek god of war!). I am 31 years old (at least when I was righting this!). I am Greek. I do a lot of jobs some of them have to do with security (maritime security mostly! but I got basic training for PMC). I served in the army (in Greece service is kind of mandatory) as a Cadet Officer and 2nd Lieutenant of Special Forces of reserves and I have fulfilled the role of Rifleman, Fireteam Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Leader, Drill Sergeant, Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Leader (although that was only in School during the SF training!) and I have gone through BASIC training for the roles that I mention before. I have also gone through BASIC Ranger training (NO parachuting training) and BASIC amphibious training (NO underwater training and mostly leading teams on this kind of Operations!). I also perform magic (TRICKS, no wizardry here), I like to workout a lot and I also like playing ArmA the most tactical way possible (when I play ArmA, I prefer to OPERATE and not just FIGHT!!), also like board and tabletop miniature wargames (mostly Modern, Post-Apoc and Sci-Fi genres!).

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