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Existentialist sheep signing in

Location:Somewhere in Finland

Why? - Yes.

And the the name? - Exactly.

Occupation: Water network engineer

Mostly running on caffeine and pure patience.

Is this the most random introduction ever? - Very probably, I'm afraid.

And the sheep? - Is black, yes.

Disclaimer: Checking my name on Google Translate will leave you with more question than you started with

Single caucasian male looking for group to play with

Greetings people of the interpretable life,


I was told to make a post here by supreme leader Keffie, so here it is.

I am Zico van der Laan, also going by the moniker of "Skeets", but I'm sure no one would've guessed that yet. A kidnapping occurred and that is the reason I am here. My captors are Keffie and Joy. 


Hi I'm magic_toad, 

I was introduced to the community by a friend of mine, Stormingweather. So I guess I should let you know a little bit about me! I'm 18, and live West Yorkshire, working for the West Yorkshire Public Transport Executive (Metro). I enjoying playing all sorts of games, mainly simulation, but I'll give anything a go. In terms of gaming, I come from a policing background, but I am keen to learn the ways of games like ArmA.

That's all I can think of really! If anyone has any questions or want to know a little more about me, then ask away :)

Hello Everyone (Intro my self)

Hi everyone! My name is Aris (Greek name from the Ancient Greek god of war). I am Greek and 31 years old (at least when I wrote this post!). I am Achilles' twin brother (the guy that has the previous post of mine!). I do a lot of jobs, most of them has to do something with security operations (maritime security mostly for now) and I have taken basic P.M.C. training! I have served in the Greek Army (service in Greece kind of mandatory) as a Cadet Officer and 2nd Lieutenant of Special Forces of reserves.