Manslaughter I

From: Col Xiaou Zhung Ho

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Ranger 1-1
Start time
2017-08-15 BST01:00:00
End time


After the defeat of the Iranian contingent on Altis the Mediterranean has been left highly unstable. The European economy is crumbling and the Union is falling to the same fate. It is only a matter of time before CSAT finds a new excuse to invade.

Men, these Western dogs have insulted us for the last time. By imprisoning our state reporters they have motivated CSAT to come to a decision and to give the Peoples Republic Army a mandate to retaliate. We will not let this opportunity pass, we will show the world that the Chinese culture has brought forth the most modern forces that have ever fought on this planet. Our target is the island of Malden. Yes, I see in your eyes. You welcome the chance to return as the victor, the saviors of our nations reporters. But command has offered us a chance to surpass those simple goals. We are to strike hard and without compassion. We are to take out all military bases and structures of authority on the island. Lethal action is permitted. This will be a glorious day for us, this will be a glorious day for China.

Details of the assault will be provided through the tactical net system in form of objective waypoint summaries.



  • Show the world the greatness of the Chinese culture
    • Hit military targets starting with the airfields
    • Eliminate all resisting elements


  • Find the state reporters and secure their position

Friendly assets

  • CSAT platoon
  • External air combat assets

Enemy assets

  • Police forces
  • FAA infantry
  • FAA motorized infantry at the main airfield
  • FAA air combat flight stationed also at the main airfield