Malden Invasion part 2

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Air Combat Element
Start time
2017-07-16 BST17:30:00
End time


Our armored divisions are currently taking the airfield we weakened which shouldn't be a problem thanks to us.

Your next assignment will be taking out the enemies long range anti-air and artillery capabilities. Satellite shows that the Russians have set up their anti-air and mobile radar on the docks as seen on the image below, destroy them.









We don't know where the enemies long-range missile artillery is however if you see them, destroy them.

Missile truck
Missile Truck

Both the Russians and we have a lot of anti-air in the area there for we are not able to use any aircraft.

We were able to bring in some M1232's and Humvees and setup some ammo crates at Dorres, from there you will be able to move on your objective.


Good luck gents.



  • Destroy all 3 missile trucks
  • Destroy all 3 mobile radar dishes


  • Clear out all objectives
  • Destroy all 3 ZSU-23-V4's

Friendly assets

  • 4 x M1232 (M2)
  • 4 x Humvee (M2)

Enemy assets

  • BTR 70
  • 2x BTR 80A 
  • T-90A (2006)
  • 3 x ZSU-23-V4's


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron