Operation Flying Tiger

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Air Combat Element
Start time
2017-06-20 BST01:00:00
End time


Listen up, 

High command has issued a training mission to Ranger 1-1 as preparation for other deployments in the mid Atlantic area


The objectives consist of blowing up a depot, rescue 24 POW, and secure a HVT. Due to  communication security we will be using codes to certain objectives.

Mission restriction :  All inserts and exfill need to be done by air, Reinforcement wave 15 min

high command will be watching and award points for execution. Less exfills mean more points , No deaths  = more points , No Asset loss = is more points .  No civilian casualties = more points.  no collateral damage = more points,  quick succession on objectives completion =more points


High command will give us a mark if  that mark is to low we will not be seen fit to deploy to combat situations.

OPFOR will be Actors with Russian gear and equipment. 


The Bird has dropped it eggs= The Depot is ready to blow

Family reunion = POW secure and Ready for exfill

Room has been booked = HVT secure and ready for exfill

Gather the eggs       = blow up the depot



  • Secure HVT
  • Rescue 24 POW from prison camp
  • Destroy Depot

Friendly assets

  • 1 CH-47
  • 1 MH-6
  • 1 AH- 6

Enemy assets

  • infantry an some technicals


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron