Takistan Uprising Part 9

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

Start time
2017-05-09 BST17:30:00
End time
Takistan Uprising


For this mission, we have the previously captured enemy assets available to us if we decide to use them.

Gearwise, use the full Russian armory as you see fit, advanced weapons included. We will have advanced American gear available from a big armory we found on this airfield, this includes advanced American weapons and launcher. We can still use previously captured American gear as well of course, no uniforms however.   

Scouts report that the Americans are assembling a big offense against the Loy Manara airfield, we will have to defend it. Enemy attacks are suspected to come from the West and South side of the airfield.
The enemy will be using anything they have available to this airfield back from us.

Good luck gentleman,



  • Objective
    • Defend the Loy Manara airfield

Friendly assets

  • 6 x ural truck
  • 3 x Gaz-66 (Ammo)
  • 1 xT-90A (2006)
  • 1 x BMP-3 (late)
  • 1 x BMD-2K
  • 1 x BRDM
  • 7 x humvee
  • 1 x M113 (50.call)
  • 6 x GAZ technical
  • 2 x AH-64D (Ground suppression)
  • 2 x MH-6M little bird
  • 3 x AH-6-M (GAU 19 + rockets)
  • 1 x UH-60M MEV (ESSS)
  • 2 x UH-60M
  • 1 x CH-47
  • 3 x A-10(AT)

Enemy assets

  • Unkown Heavy Air and Ground
  • Infantry


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron