Forward Air Controller Course

Training code

In this training you will learn the skills you need to be an effective Forward Air Controller(FAC). You will learn when and which aircraft you need to call upon in which situations, and present the pilot with clear ROE and instructions on how to approach their attack run. You will also have to apply your knowledge of long range radio operation to be effective in the role of FAC.

Qualification prerequisites

To pass this checklisted training you can only fail to demonstrate one minor qualification. Failing to demonstrate any of the 6 major proficiencies will result in a failure. The examiner will explain why you failed these points and what you can do to pass them. The test can be retaken after a period of seven days. Only the points that led to the previous failure will be reassessed.

  • (MAJ) Be able to communicate on three or more radio frequencies
  • (MAJ) Maintain situational awareness of threats for both you and the aircraft under your control
  • (MAJ) Maintain awareness of the location of the assets under your control
  • (MAJ) Communicate fire missions with both command and the air units
  • (MIN) Know which weapons are available to which aircraft
  • (MAJ) Select the appropriate aircraft for the task
  • (MAJ) Know how to use your own judgement and initiative to direct aircraft to support a position, even when not directly ordered by command

Awarded upon completion:

4 MM