Mortar Team Operations

Training code

In this training you will be tested on your ability to command a team of multiple (2-4) mortars crews. You will need to show the ability to successfully relay fire mission instructions to your crew, whilst keeping in communication with the unit that requested the fire mission so as to relay important information back to them.

Qualification prerequisites

To pass this checklisted training you can only fail to demonstrate one minor qualification. Failing to demonstrate any of the 5 major proficiencies will result in a failure. The examiner will explain why you failed these points and what you can do to pass them. The test can be retaken after a period of seven days. Only the points that led to the previous failure will be reassessed.

  • (MAJ) Understand the limitations of your weapon system such as:
    • (MINOR) Range
    • (MINOR) Projectile type
    • (MINOR) Effect of wind on the system
  • (MAJ) Find a good location to set up your mortar team
    • (MINOR) Correctly understand the limitations of the terrain around you
    • (MINOR) Finding good cover or constructing it yourself
    • (MINOR) Making a decision between line of sight, or extensive cover
  • (MAJ) Know the correct procedure and steps to set up and deliver a fire mission
    • (MINOR) Provide an accurate readback to the unit requesting the fire mission
  • (MAJ) Accurately relaying the fire mission to mortar crew
    • (MINOR) Relaying correct grids and amount of rounds needed
  • (MAJ)Use proper procedure to communicate with the requesting unit about the following:
    • (MINOR) Flight time 
    • (MINOR) Amount of rounds that will be fired, and by how many guns
    • (MINOR) What type of round will be used
    • (MINOR) Provide an acurate 5 second countdown to splash down
    • (MINOR) Request effect report from units in area, and adjust the fire mission accordingly

Awarded upon completion:

3 MM