Armoured Vehicle Operations

Training code

This training will teach you how to operate as part of a combat vehicle crew. It requires 2 trainees so that they can operate a vehicle as it's crewmen and learn how to act in unison. This training will take circa 1.5h to complete.

Qualification prerequisites

To pass this checklisted training you can only fail to demonstrate one minor qualification. Failing to demonstrate any of the major proficiencies will result in a failure. The examiner will explain why you failed these points and what you can do to pass them. The test can be retaken after a period of seven days. Only the points that led to the previous failure will be reassessed.

  • (MAJ) Understand your role as a support asset
  • (MAJ) Understand armour specific brevity
  • (MAJ) Know the difference between compass, clock, and relative directions
  • (MAJ) Know what each of the individual crewmens responsibilities are:
    • All crew members must maintain situational awareness
  • (MAJ)Driver:
    • Move according to orders (both from gunner and commander)
    • Monitor vehicle status and if nessecary command a "Bail out!"
    • Exercise proper navigation techniques
    • Watch for IED and mines
    • Avoid collisions
    • Maintain spacing and formation
    • Position the armor in hull-down or other protected positions when available
    • Be aware of nearby infantry and their position relative to you
  • (MAJ) Navigator/Commander:
    • Planning and familiarization of movement plan.
    • Giving clear and concise directions to drivers/team
    • Know when to exercise rapid judgement of a re-route/retreat
    • Coordinate with other friendly forces
    • Employ commanders machinegun in situations where it's beneficial
  • (MAJ)Gunner(s):
    • Operate and know how to use the vehicles offensive weaponry
    • Know what weapon are most effective against different targets
    • Convey what you see to your crew/passengers
    • Know what sector to scan in relation to the vehicles position in a convoy and/or formation
    • Stay mounted on your weapon until you are directed by a leader to dismount or a "Bail out!" command is given
  • (MAJ) Be aware of and know how to use the defensive/auxiliary systems available to you:
    • Type of armour (light/medium/heavy) / reactive armour
    • Smoke launchers
    • Stabilizers

Awarded upon completion:

2 MM