Operation Woken Bear

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

Start time
2019-03-17 GMT00:00:00
End time


September 8th 2025

You and your team have been selected to perform a sear

ch and rescue operation in the region of Highway 5 in Suomussalmi. In the face of increasing diplomatic aggression from Russia; our recent joint op exercise to commemorate Finlands recent induction as a NATO member seems to have been the straw to break the bears back. We are receiving multiple reports of flashpoints flaring up across the Finnish-Russian border.

We received a mayday transmission from one of our Apache longbow pilots in the region marked on your map below, you're tasked with searching the area for the pilots, retrieval of black box from the Apache and complete destruction of the Apache to ensure the enemy doesn't get their hands on technologies and data contained within it.

SATCOM combined with SIGINT have identified a convoy route the enemy have been using to bring in troops and supplies to an enemy FOB also marked on your map, this task is secondary to the search and rescue so if possible command would like you to disrupt the enemy by either cutting off their convoy with an ambush or assaulting the FOB.

You are strongly advised to bring enough explosives for demolition of an AH-64 and possible ambush of an enemy supply convoy, light AT, AA, CQB equipment for hostage rescue and in a worst case scenario body bags, no matter what happens these pilots are coming home we don't leave men behind.





Briefing map



  • Objective
    • Retrieve AH-64 black box
    • Use demo to ensure complete destruction of AH-64
    • Locate and rescue AH-64 pilots


  • Objective
    • Disrupt enemy supply lines

Friendly assets

  • 2 x M2HB HMMWV
  • * x Transport HMMWV

Enemy assets

  • Russian VDV forces