The Announcement





From: "Fatal"

(Cell Leader - Altisian Freedom Fighters)

Start time
2019-01-20 GMT19:00:00
End time


NATO liberated Altis and Stratis 2 years ago from the CSAT aggressors. They said they wanted to help us rebuild, To prosper, To live. Have they?

With these promises, they bought our lands corruption at the political and military levels, Oppression in some of Altis' poorest communities and a total disregard for order and the law.

NATO says it is a matter for the people to deal with but every time peaceful protest happens they stand there watching over their AAF and Government friends.

NOW it is our time to awaken to root out and purge our lands of this blight. 

We are just a small cell with limited outdated and to be quite frank poorly maintained equipment. We need to change this and fast. Until NATO/AAF work out what's going on we have to capitalise on this and take the initiative.

To start with vital supplies have been delivered to Supply Base Ridgeback for helicopter delivery to FOB Dragon but unfortunately, their CH-47 developed a technical fault and the supplies are scheduled to be collected today by a convoy leaving FOB Dragon. Either raid the base or infiltrate it take the supplies and get out. When NATO realise what's going on and they will, reinforcements are likely to come from Camp Hades.

Second information has made its way to a local official. How did he find out about us, Who has he spoken to, who are his contacts what does he know. I WANT ANSWERS. His name is Gregor Floros he was last seen talking to a crowd at the church in Pyrgos.


  • 9 am Server start time - ingame
  • Gregor Floros drives an orange suv parked nearby a photo taken of him will also be shared.
    • we have managed to also smuggle a taser away from the authorities. if he needs persuasion use it.
  • Checkpoint Ares will squawk at Ridgeback if something is wrong.
  • INCOGNITO system in effect.
    • if a reputable civilian won't have something don't be seen carrying it.
    • The supply base is a secure area if infiltration is desired use appropriate equipment
    • Do not blow your cover if you do you risk alerting the area.
    • store military gear in vehicle if you need to scout on foot
  • Items captured will be usable going forward in a campaign if mission enjoyed



  • Secure supplies from RidgeBack
    • Steal them and load them into transports for extraction
    • Defend and Extract
  • Capture Gregor Floros - HVT Callsign Anthis
    • Subdue and remove him to a secure location
    • search his car
    • interrogate and THEN eliminate.

Secondary (optional)

  • Steal anything not nailed down from Ridgeback

Friendly assets

  • Civilian Clothing
  • Slash Bandoliers/Leg Strap bags
  • Field Packs
  • AKs, Scropions, MP5k, FN Minimi, M14, rpg7
    • Ironsights, M14 exempt
  • Grenades, Smoke etc etc

Enemy assets

  • Infantry
  • Vehicles
  • Unknown Air Capability