Peshmerga II





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Ranger 1-1
Start time
2018-12-05 GMT18:30:00
End time


Due to our forces reconnaissance of the region, we've gotten a better picture of the situation in the region. As you know by now ISIS is now 100% confirmed to be responsible, and the ones that has taken over large parts of southern Anizay.

At current they basicly hold everything south of our FOB, with the exception of Qalandar and thanks to your efforts, Janur. Whilst you did succeed in eliminating enemy forces in Murabat. Mian and Gorqan is still held by enemies and as such Murabat is still cut off from us. We've learned that the road leading out of Anizay to the south-east is the main point of ingress for ISIS reinforcements, so we expect Murabat to be recaptured, if it have'nt been allready.

On a positive note, the dent you put in Gorqan is most likely the reason that ISIS has been unable to capture/kill a corporate CEO at his private compound in Bum. His own security force (Paramilitary mercenaries) has been enough so far to hold ISIS back, but we don't expect them to last against a organized assault. This CEO is responsible for a not insignificant part of the Peshmergas funding. Rescuing him will go a long way to not only keep us funded, but he might be willing to fund additional gear for our fighting forces. As such his safety is your first primary objective. Make sure he survives. You'll be transported by USAF into an expected HOT LZ near the compound as soon as we deploy.

Once his compound is secure, you are to move on to Riqay, If that village is secured we'll essentially have cut off ISIS forces in the west from reinforcements, and can then focus on retaking our oil extractors and refineries in the region. ISIS is sure to know that this chokepoint is vital to them, and will most likely have heavily garrisoned the village. Expect a large amount of infantry to have dug themselves in within the town.

Last but not least you're to move and help our forces hold Qalandar, setup your perimeter just outside the town to the south-west, facing towards the enemy controlled oil derricks and refinery. We have confirmation that the enemy is gearing up for an assault on Qalandar from there, more than likely to create a buffer zone between us and the black gold.


Additional Notes:

day mission, slightly overcast, some wind.

Paramilitary forces in Bum can be identified by black/white gear, and croatian VHS assault rifles.

Expect civillian hostages in Riqay

Most civillians in Qalandar has been told to stay in-doors. But it's not guaranteed.


Arsenal contains whitelisted gear exclusively. Items in the arsenal will be utilized based on squad/fireteam leaders discretion.

Due to arsenal being whitelisted, prepping loadouts in VR arsenal will not be effective.



  • Aid in the defense of Bum
    • Bum is a compound in the southernmost region of Anizay.
    • The owner of the compound has local paramilitary on his payroll to secure it.
    • They gave ISIS pause during their initial takeover of the region, but is now a prime target.
    • Once the compound is secure, US Forces will insert a recon team to overwatch Gorqan, and extract the CEO.
  • Defeat ISIS Forces in Riqay
    • We need to cut off the ISIS forces in the west from any backup
    • Move into Riqay and take out its garrison
    • expect CQC as the village is assumed to be heavily garrisoned.
  • Setup a defensive perimeter on the south-western edge of Qalandar
    • ISIS has captured oil infrastructure in the south-western area of Anizay
    • We have confirmation that they'll be attempting to secure Qalandar to create a buffer zone
    • Civillians have been told to stay in-doors, but watch your fire around Qalandar.


  • Avoid damaging infrastructure
    • These towns belong to us and our people, avoid destroying them unless absolutely necessary.
    • This goes double for any Oil extraction, storage, refining infrastructure. These assets are VITAL to our peoples long term survival.

Friendly assets

  • 6x Offroad (.50 cal)
  • ∞x Offroad (6 seater)
  • ∞x Truck (13 seater)
  • ∞x KamAZ (17 seater)


  • US Air Force
    • Recon/Resupply/Transport

Enemy assets

  • Infantry
  • Technicals
  • Armor expected on the assault of Qalandar.


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron