Peshmerga I





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Ranger 1-1
Start time
2018-11-28 GMT18:30:00
End time


at 02:00 this morning we lost communications with our towns and industrial infrastructure to the south of the Kurdish Heartland. ISIS have been gearing up in the region and we believe they're behind the communication breakdown and are on the move into our territory.

You're tasked with checking out the towns to the south east, namely Javur, Gorquan, Mian and Murabat. Get close and recon the towns for any signs of hostile forces, and drive them out if able. If in doubt call in ISIS presence to HQ and await orders. We recommend closing on the towns carefully, to avoid early detection and to maintain your initiative, because in keeping with ISIS manouvers in the past, they will more than likely have deployed patrols generously around towns.

Reaper, a USAF element has been put on standby as a recon/transport/resupply asset for us to request if needed. be aware however, that ISIS may have brought AAA into the area, so utilize its recon capability on a more imminent tactical level.


Additional Notes:

morning mission, NV not needed.

Civillian presence expected in the towns.

Arsenal contains whitelisted gear exclusively. Items in the arsenal will be utilized based on squad/fireteam leaders discretion.

Due to arsenal being whitelisted, prepping loadouts in VR arsenal will not be effective. Server will be running all wednesday as a result so you can create loadouts on the server.

N.B: As per usual a server restart 1 hour prior to deployment will still be performed.



  • Investigate towns that have been cut off from the communication breakdown
    • Visit each of the towns of Javur, Gorquan, Mian and Murabat.
    • Determine if ISIS forces have begun moving into the area
      • if ISIS forces are detected in the towns, determine on a town by town basis wether or not you'll be able to engage them on your own


  • Avoid damaging infrastructure
    • These towns belong to us and our people, avoid destroying them unless absolutely necessary.
    • This goes double for any Oil extraction, storage, refining infrastructure. These assets are VITAL to our peoples long term survival.

Friendly assets


  • 6x Offroad (.50 cal)
  • ∞x Offroad (6 seater)
  • ∞x Truck (13 seater)
  • ∞x KamAZ (17 seater)


  • US Air Force
    • Recon/Resupply/Transport

Enemy assets

  • Unknown


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron