IGG Community meeting

Sunday 04-11-2018 16:00:00

Meeting Notes

  • Director election = Jaypee has been re-elected as director and will keep an eye on future elections every 6 months, jaypee loves to see someone else to take up the role for a brighter future
  • Community guidelines: New guidelines approved, see guidelines on website
  • License for gamepanel 29,99 USD (YAY/NAY)(http://www.brainless.us/products.aspx) = License is a 1 time buy for a life long version of the software. We will have to pay extra for new updates and support yearly. So we can buy the license and not upgrade it for a couple of years and if we want we can buy a upgrade to get the latest features and fixes. Reason for upgrade to this over our current version= http://www.brainless.us/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=263&p=786#p786
  • Silver suggested using linux for arma server instead of windows this will be experimented with and if it works fine we can reduce the bill for hetzner by removing the windows license bill.
  • Positions (SA-lead, MS) = Silver is the new SA lead, Dean is stepping down. MS Lead(Stormingweather) Jaypee wants to replace him because he isn't attending much, will be discussed further by Jaypee with Stormingweather.
  • Final Fantasy updates = FF players changed from teamspeak to discord, they have recruited 6 members since switching to discord, they are not using IGG Discord because of the amount of channels, they also use more bots and different administration rights for catering to more to FF..