Operation Sickle Down III

From: Col Y. Volgin

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )



Start time
2018-10-07 BST19:00:00
End time


Good work keeping the pressure on the Americans during that last assault, it bought the other teams the time they needed to push the western offensive line forward. Our next objective will be to seek and destroy any hostiles in the town of Athira and secure it as a staging ground for the final assault on Altis airport. Our HUMINT is sparse, we know there will be at least one high ranking CO in Athira if you can capture him he may yield some invaluable intel for the final phase of our assault.

Judging from satellite and drone footage the town is heavily garrisoned by the enemy, expect intense CQB fighting and QRF's from the nearby airport.

Intelligence reports indicate most of the heavier armor elements have either been destroyed or recalled to more defensible positions, regardless be on guard and bring moderate AT firepower.

Our AA network is now in full effect unfortunately the same is also true for the enemy considering we're operating so close to the airfield so don't expect much if any air assets on either side for this fight.

13th Guards Tank Regiment has been recalled to help in the offensive on Neochori and Lakka so unfortunately we must say goodbye to our T-90 but not before we paint a few marks on its kill counter.

Mission start time will be 16:00PM






  • Objective
    • Eliminate any hostile presence in Athira
    • Defend against any counter attacks


  • Objective
    • Capture high ranking CO for interrogation


  • Weapons: AKS-74 (Any version, up to SL / FTL), PKP, PKM, SVD, T-5000 (NPZ versions are allowed)
  • Launchers: RPG-26/RPG-7/Metis
  • Uniform: Mountain Flora
  • Vest: 6B23 Mountain les (6Sh92)
  • Helmet: 6B27M Mountain Les

Friendly assets

  • 4 x armed Gaz-233014
  • Kamaz 5350
  • Unarmed Gaz-233114
  • Command truck (Medic, repair)
  • Gaz-66 (ammo)

Enemy assets

  • US Army