Operation Sickle Down II

From: Col Y. Volgin

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )


Start time
2018-09-30 BST19:00:00
End time


Our first strike against the Americans went well, your team managed to secure a vital first step in taking this island. Unfortunately some of the other teams haven't had as much success the offensive on Kavala was a close victory at best and the team in charge of capturing the AAC airfield had to fall back, as a result the enemy now has an opportunity to form an effective counter attack and cut right through us we can't let this happen. Your team will be with putting pressure on the enemy lines by knocking out the remaining comms in your sector and clearing out any enemy strongholds, good luck.

Your first tasking will be to clear any nearby hostiles around the radio towers at locations 092192 and 094193 for a capture and hold team. Once relieved you will proceed to eliminate the enemy presence in the nearby villages of Syrta and Galati we are expecting some civilian presence so try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. Your final objective is to capture an FOB recently built at Koroni this will be a valuable position to have for the upcoming assault on Athira.

In light of technical issues with the previously supplied T-90 and a chat from the higher ups 13th Guards Tank Regiment has decided to "happily" offer another T-90 and to make sure there's no hard feelings 2 x BTR-80 if needed as a backup as well.

Once again you should expect heavy armor and an increase in infantry presence too. They know we're here now so let's put the pressure on them while we still can.

Mission start time will be 11:30AM





  • Objective
    • Clear out nearby hostiles from comm towers at grids 092192 and 094193. Hold until reinforcements arrive.
    • Assault nearby villages of Syrta and Galati and clear out any hostiles.
    • Capture FOB at Koroni for further operations


  • Weapons: AKS-74 (Any version, up to SL / FTL), PKP, PKM, SVD, T-5000 (NPZ versions are allowed)
  • Launchers: RPG-26/RPG-7/Metis
  • Uniform: Mountain Flora
  • Vest: 6B23 Mountain les (6Sh92)
  • Helmet: 6B27M Mountain Les

Friendly assets

  • T-90A
  • 2 x BTR-80A (as back up only)
  • 4 x armed Gaz-233014
  • 2 x Ural Repair trucks
  • Kamaz 5350
  • Unarmed Gaz-233114
  • Command truck (Medic, repair)
  • Gaz-66 (ammo)

Enemy assets

  • US Army