Operation Sickle Down





From: Col Y. Volgin

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

Start time
2018-09-23 BST19:00:00
End time


The time has come to test your resolve comrades, our great mother land needs you now more than ever. The American war machine has gone unchecked for far too long pouring poison into the ears of our friends and allies; they try to sway the world against us..cowards. We all know why they do this they want to strip our beautiful land bare of all its bountiful resources and claim global dominance over our world. It is time we strike and show them why they will never take what is ours, why they will never have what we have fought and died for and why you never poke the bear.

In response to our routine Naval fleet drills in the Mediterranean NATO have been holding extensive live fire exercises on the island of Altis as a show of force against us, we will use this to our advantage. Under cover of darkness your team along with several others will knock out the islands communication grid and secure a foothold in a nearby airfield so we can bring in supplies and reinforcements for the next stages of the assault. A defense team inserting from your infiltration point will relieve you from the airbase once it is secured so make sure the route you took is clear of all enemies.

Your team has also been tasked with knocking out any and all anti air defenses in your AO, satellite imagery indicates at least 5 possible locations where these may be found. Your team is under strict orders to leave none alive, early detection could jeopardize the entire mission.

13th Guards Tank Regiment has generously offered us one of their T-90 tanks as a support for this mission, give them a warm welcome when you get there.

You will be mainly fighting the U.S Army you should expect to be up against heavy armor and infantry.


Mission start time will be 3:30AM




  • Destroy radio towers in grids: 092192 and 094193
  • Capture the airfield


  • Destroy AA (5 possible locations marked)
  • Secure route from insertion point to airfield



  • Weapons: AKS-74 (Any version, up to SL / FTL), PKP, PKM, SVD, T-5000 (NPZ versions are allowed)
  • Launchers: RPG-26/RPG-7/Metis
  • Uniform: Mountain Flora
  • Vest: 6B23 Mountain les (6Sh92)
  • Helmet: 6B27M Mountain Les

Friendly assets

  • T-90A
  • 4 x armed Gaz-233014
  • Kamaz 5350
  • Unarmed Gaz-233114
  • Command truck (Medic, repair)
  • Gaz-66 (ammo)

Enemy assets

  • US Army