Operation Last Straw





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Start time
2017-12-17 GMT19:00:00
End time


There have been sightings of rebel forces at Tanoa. Tanoa is an island in the South-Pacific ocean which is mainly inhabited by fishermen, miners and farmers. Since its liberation by the US Marines in 1944, the island had been rather quiet. But not too long ago, it has been stirred back to life. The current Tanoan army had conflicts about the dividing of the main export products of the island: Minerals. Some of the men have caught whispers of this, and left the army to claim this for their own. Rumour has it that these rebel forces are known under the codename of “Red Jackal”. These rebels are known to take hostages and sabotaging vehicles to use for their own bidding. Their power has grown out of hand, and the NATO has been instructed to solve this problem.

One of the smaller islands of Tanoa has been claimed as their main hub, and there have been sightings of armoured vehicles and big amounts of ammunition at their disposal. Their current position seems to be too small to operate from, which implies they will probably try to extend their borders soon. The estimated troops at their disposal range between 200 and 300 men, with about 100 vehicles at the ready.

The cities of Balavu and Leqa have been used as former locations where radio signals were aired to contact neighbouring countries about mineral trades and hostage situations. It’s a high possibility that there are still hostile forces around that area.

Red Jackal has been known for taking hostages in exchange for wares and information, as mentioned before. This means that it’s most likely that they can and will use this tactic against us, making it very important to move with caution around civilian territory.

We will strike at dawn.

- 200 to 300 enemies sighted, with 100 vehicles at their disposal.
- Armoured vehicles and high amounts of ammunition have been spotted at their main base.
- Balavu and Leqa are known as former enemy locations
- Possibility of hostages being kept around the vicinity





uniform: G3 ranger green

vest : Carrier rig Green   or Carrier  GL rig green


Backpack : any  green variant


Weapons : Standard NATO 



  • Take out Ammo  and Vehicles dump


  • Secure and extract any hostages

Friendly assets

  • 2x hmmv m2 
  • 2x hmmv cover
  • 2x  truck
  • 1x Bradly Tusk III

Enemy assets

  • 200-300 infantry 
  • Medium and heavy armourd vehicles


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron