Operation Early bird





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Start time
2017-11-12 GMT00:00:00
End time


After a long, demanding battle at the island of Malden, the rebels have finally announced their surrender. High command has decided that Ranger 6 will accept their surrender, but how they are willing to process it, is up to him. High command has no demands, except for the fact that they need to sign the treaty by the end of the day. And it is said it won’t go as smoothly as we would’ve hoped.

The rebellion has announced to agree with a Cease-Fire until the clock strikes 9:30 PM. If the treaty hasn’t been signed by that time, it is rumoured that they will continue their resistance, and possibly start a new uprising. It has come to our attention that the core group within the Rebellion was not supporting the surrender, as they have turned their back upon their former leader. The fire of perseverance of this core group has yet to be extinguished. This means that there will be small task forces who are willing to disobey the treaty and offer resistance, and it’s up to Ranger 6 to eliminate that threat.

The leader of the Rebellion is known as Sergei Sudakov. He is a former member of the police force, and is recognisable by his blue sweater and beret. He’s the one who’s responsible for their surrender, and he will be at the designated location. Due to the threat of a new possible uprising. Sudakov will be under the protection of multiple personal bodyguards, and he’ll be awaiting Ranger 6’s arrival in La Rivièra to assist him during the meeting where the treaty will be signed. This means that he’s currently the most wanted target in the premises, and caution is highly advised.

It’s Ranger 6’s responsibility to transport themselves to La Rivièra at figure 037 032. This is the location where the meeting will be held to discuss the treaty and sign once confirmed. Ranger 6 will be dispatched from the airport at figure 080 104 to make their way to said location.
Due to security and safety reasons it is advised that Ranger 6 won’t be venturing towards the location by itself. This means they will be in need of assistance and protection during their journey towards La Rivièra.

During the battle, the city of La Pessagne and Houdan were under the suppression of the Rebellion, which means they were, and possibly still are, allied to the core rebellion’s forces. There is a possibility that these locations can still be considered enemy territory, with 50 to 70 possible threats that can be armed with RPG’s and explosives.


Uniform: G3 Uniform (Multicam)


Helmet: FAST Ballistic (Multicam Cover) variant




  • Successfully assist the meeting and make them sign the treaty.
    • Arrive safely at the meeting’s location
    • Successfully assist during the meeting, and keep an eye on the perimeter to secure the safety of the guests
    • Negotiate and make them sign the treaty


  • If the meeting fails
    • retreat towards the airport at figure 080 104
    • Arrest Sergei Sudakov and his bodyguards 
    • Do not leave any vehicles behind
  • Complete the mission with one of the objectives above, with as little casualties as possible.

Friendly assets

  • 6x HMMV m2
  • 2x HMMV Soft cover
  • 1x CBPS truck
  • 1x Command truck

Enemy assets

  • 50 -70 man RPG and explosive


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron