Website plans/features


This post gives an overview of all the features of the website. Below that a set of planned features or tasks are shown. Do comment but keep in mind that the first post will be edited to reflect the current state of development.


  • basic forums
  • user profile
    • tagging games we play
    • membership of a group
    • searching for users
    • who plays what?
  • third party log in
  • support ticket system
  • event planning system
  • You can now add a custom style to a link in the text editor using the style button top-left. button
  • ...

WIP features:

  • personal image gallery
  • personal video gallery
  • personal game character Gallery
  • complete overhaul of display of information
    • simplification of the display of information
    • better display of personalized information [new for me]
    • use case analysis for workflow optimization

Planned features:

    • ...


    • You can now add a custom style to a link in the text editor using the style button top-left. button
      • Make sure you have Full HTML selected under text format below the editor
    • Supporting member team leads can now manage the forums, they can create containers, forums and organize them.
    • User note system has been added membership support can add notes to users when there is an incident or other noteworthy occurrence. All must be logged.

    Added e-mail notifications on defferent areas of the site. Works for:

    • forum comments
    • support tickets

    Check the notification options on your account to enable/disable globally

    notification on comment

    Plan for 2019

    • Develop custom template for igg which is easily updated from original developers
    • Removal of the forums: Replace with blog system
      • member +1 through user profiles
      • reports from admins/treasury/ms go through the blog, supporting members can blog, other users can comment
    • Development will start soon on a development site, comments are welcome
    • During upcoming community meetings member remarks will be heard and taken into account.