Community guidelines

These guidelines serve as a constitution and framework for the day to day running of our community. Constructed over the years and modified by amendments from our members, of which all are documented. They are not designed to last forever, we keep them constantly under review and open to change as we continue adapt to the new and existing challenges we face.


A fun, safe and enjoyable Teamspeak and Online Gaming community making us the preferred choice for meeting and teaming up with other gamers from around the world.


  1. To connect members together by providing a way of unique and hassle-free communication
  2. To make everyone equal by promoting Servant Leadership, Honesty and Democratic Ideals
  3. To support emerging games and teams by providing the tools, resources, training and support
  4. To have fun by enjoying being apart of something bigger, each and every day



  1. Members must be able to speak English
  2. Members must say 'Name in' and 'Name out' when joining and leaving teamspeak channels
  3. Members understand the premise and agree to and abide by the communities code of conduct
  4. Registered GuestsMembers and Supporting Members must use their exact [IGG] Username across all service(s)/server(s)

Types of Membership


  • Uses community services by is not registered
  • Registering on the website will make them a Registered Guest

Registered Guests

  • Registered Guests have registered for membership via the website
  • Registered Guests must ensure their Username/Alias on all services matches their [IGG] Name
  • Proceeding to full Membership requires:
  1. Introductory forum post where they are endorsed by reply by no less than 8 existing members
  2. Registered for at least 14 Days
  3. No valid complaints lodged against them


  • Members have additional permissions/perks whilst on community servers, website and teamspeak
  • Members are eligible to vote in community elections and decisions

### Proposition for amendment start (Jaypee 03/06/2017)

Junior Members

  • A person that we know of as being very young.
  • A person that is the child of one of our members who is the legal guardian of said child.
  • We take extra care when being around these members regarding:
    • language,
    • controversial topics: politics, gender, religion, war,...
    • their state of mind and general wellbeing.
  • Junior members are not allowed in certain channels that are for adult conversation.

### Proposition for amendment end (Jaypee 03/06/2017)

Supporting Members

  • Supporting Members are Aged 18+
  • Supporting Members are active members of one of the support groups
  • Supporting Members are entrusted with moderation permissions on servers, website and teamspeak
  • Supporting Members have spent at least 90 days in the community as a Member


In normal circumstances members can have their membership type changed. In rare circumstances it can be terminated completely

  • Members who reach requirements for new membership types have their membership updated to the applicable type
  • Members who no longer hold the requirements of a membership type will be downgraded to the next applicable type
  • Members who have breached community guidelines may have their Membership Terminated


Members and Guests are expected to conduct themselves in a way which ensures all members can enjoy the community environment. Members and Guests should use common sense in determining between right and wrong and what is and, is not appropriate.


  • Do have fun, welcome others and contribute positively to the community
  • Do respect others regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious belief(s), or sexual orientation
  • Do respect and adhere to the rules of our server(s) and group(s) which may have additional guidelines depending on game or style of play
  • Do practice common courtesy by checking in and out of teamspeak channels
  • Do report any issues immediately to the Support System
  • Do support, protect and uphold the ideals and guidelines of the community and report any issues or violations immediately to the Support System.


  • Do not post, link, upload or distribute political, racial, or otherwise deemed offensive material
  • Do not disrupt, provoke, attack or offend other Members or Guests
  • Do not hold grudges
  • Do not break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity
  • Do not advertise where it is not in direct benefit of the community
  • Do not hack, cheat or participate in any subversive activity

Groups & Teams

In addition to having a membership level, members of the community can optionally take part in additional groups or teams which support the communities activities.

The Community Team

The Community Team is an umbrella term used for the entire group of individuals who are members of Support Groups or Game Leadership Teams. The community team is made up of several more specialised teams, Each Team is led by a Team Leader, who is responsible for recruiting and managing a small team.

A collective decision made by the Community Team on any subject is final (Unless Revised, See Section 2.4)

  • Membership of Support groups and the Community Team are on 3 month rolling terms, with the exception of the Director - which is 12 months
  • Community Team Members must be Supporting Members
  • Community Team Members should be able to attend meetings as required

Operational Support Groups


Operational support groups are teams of members who support a part of the community's activities outside of a game environment. Members of the OSG's pro-actively complete tasks which are required to ensure the communities continual development. The OSG's are designed to be over-manned, to allow the group spread their workload as much as possible. All Support Groups have a designated Team Leader to ensure that the team is effective. Known as the Support Group Team Leader (SGTL/SGL), The SGTL is ultimately responsible for the groups tasks.

Team Members & Team Leaders

  • Support Groups can have some team members who are not Supporting Members, but the SGTL must be a Supporting Member
  • Support Group members should never spend more time helping with their support group than they do playing games
  • Any person joining the Community Team must have been previously a Member of the Community for at least 90 days
  • The SGTL is responsible for managing all aspects of their support group
  • The SGTL communicates directly with the Director(s)
  • The SGTL usually talks or answers questions on behalf of the group in Meetings
  • The SGTL is ultimately responsible for the groups tasks
  • Any person joining the Community Team must have been previously a Member of the Community for between 30-60 days

Current OSG's

The following operational support groups are currently active, followed by the abbreviation which is used to identify the members of the group. The SGTL's abbreviation will always be in bold as seen below.

  • Directors
  • Membership Support
  • Server Administration
  • Web & Online Services
  • Social Media & Graphics
  • Funding and Treasury
  • Horizon

Membership Support

The Membership Support Team was formed to carry out essential internal support within the organisation.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Providing an unrivalled support system for all community members and guests
  • Ensuring all users have the correct membership levels assigned
  • Inducting guests at the guest-to-membership stage
  • Promoting a guest friendly environment, making us the preferred choice for public players
  • Quickly resolving disputes or conflict, in a fair and non-bias way
  • Providing a proactive and enthusiastic recruitment effort by promoting the community and it's ideals
  • Supporting, Protecting and Upholding the Ideals and Guidelines of the Community Globally

Server Administration

The Server Administration Team was formed to carry out essential maintenance and technical support for our network.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Ensuring the continued operation of our network by providing development and maintenance
  • Focusing on development of new games, supporting leaders who need assistance to launch new projects on our network, creating an environment supportive of new ideas and member interest
  • Quickly resolving network issues and support requests, whilst liaising with other teams and members to keep them updated
  • Ensuring that all administrators are correctly trained, following our guidelines and are fair
  • Supporting, Protecting and Upholding the Ideals and Guidelines of the Community Globally

Web & Online Services

The Web & Online Services Team was formed to promote the development and smooth operation of our web-based programs and communication tools.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Maintaining, Developing and Promoting the use of our Online Services (Website, Email, FTP, Messaging, Forums, Support System)
  • Ensuring the continued operation of Online Services, including any performance issues
  • Working with other members or teams to assist with requests they may have
  • Ensuring that all team members are correctly trained
  • Supporting, Protecting and Upholding the Ideals and Guidelines of the Community Globally

Social Media & Graphics

The Social Media & Graphics Team was formed to market and spread our message globally.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Maintaining, Developing and Promoting the useage of Social Media and Visual Communication Methods to Promote [IGG]
  • Working with other members and leaders to share and promote events, discussions and topics of interest by featuring them across social media channels
  • Understanding the power of social media and it's benefit
  • Providing and Updating or Assisting with all aspects of graphic and video production for all areas of the community where able

Funding & Treasury

The Funding & Treasury Team was formed to keep tabs on our finances, manage and promote donations and ensure we are complying with relevant law.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Promoting and encouraging the contributions of members to the community fund
  • Rewarding and recognising members who contribute
  • Advising the community of it's financial position to ensure that realistic decisions are made
  • Ensuring that funding is spent in the most effective way possible
  • Providing the community with comprehensive financial updates each month


The Horizon Team was formed to manage and promote new games, helping them to launch teams for the future.

Its responsibilities include.

  • Providing a enthusiastic and supportive environment for the development and support of new and emerging games
  • Taking enthusiastic members and help them to launch their events, servers or groups and teams into fully recognised ones
  • Working with all other teams to promote Horizon games both internally and externally
  • Ensuring that Horizon games are compatible with our Ideals and Guidelines
  • Ensuring that Horizon games are well documented with server rules, administrators and guides to ensure a successful launch

Game Support Groups (a.k.a. Gameteams)


Game teams are much like operational support groups, the key difference is instead of working on community wide projects, they are focused on a particular game. The principle is the same, GSG's will have a dedicated Team Leader known as the SGTL, who is identified by the slightly darker icon. The Team Leader is ultimately responsible for the Servers, Teams and all aspects of the game they represent and lead for the community. When it comes to GSG's the abbreviation corresponds to the games title, whilst a colour is used to make them stand out from the operational support groups.


  • Maintain, Develop and Promote all aspects of their game throughout [IGG]
  • Scheduling and promotion of events or matches (where applicable)
  • Administration of and promotion of servers or groups (where applicable)
  • Promote donations from regular members to assist the community fund, aiming to make their game neutral
  • Ensuring that all aspects of their game are in line with our Ideals and Guidelines
  • Comply with proposals or guidelines put in place as soon as possible
  • Working closely with other members and support teams who can assist in achieving their goals

Current GSG's

  • Arma 3
  • Counter Strike
  • DayZ
  • Garry's Mod
  • Minecraft
  • Planetside 2
  • World of Tanks

Meetings & Decisions

Community Meetings

There are two main meetings per month

  1. The 1st Sunday for the Community Meeting
  2. The 3rd Sunday for Support & Team Meetings
  • Meetings are recorded and minutes are taken for the benefit of the community
    • Sound recordings are available on
    • Meeting Minutes are published on the Wiki and linked on the forum

Decision Making

Decisions vs Voting

  • Decisions - Supporting Members, and all members in positions of responsibility are representing the views of everyone, therefore they may make their own decisions relating to any aspect of the Community's activities where it falls into their line of responsibility
  • Voting - Members may collectively make decisions relating to any aspect of the Community's activities as outlined in the voting basis guidelines


  1. Idea
  2. Proposal
  3. Debate
  4. Decision
  5. Review

Voting Basis

Voting basis refers to the number or percentage of votes that is required for a proposal to be adopted, or for a member to be elected. Two elements make up a voting basis: the proportion of voters that must agree and the set of members to which the proportion applies.

  • Community Wide
    • Simple Vote carried out with persons who are present and whereby a 75% majority support the motion
    • Extended Vote carried out over (7) days whereby a 75% majority support the motion
  • Community Team
    • Simple Vote carried out with all persons voted and whereby a 75% majority support the motion
    • Extended Vote carried out on over (7) days whereby all members voted and a 75% majority support the motion


  • Simple Voting can be held during a meeting
  • Extended Voting duration must be 7 days or more

Positions of Responsibility

Throughout the community there is often the opportunity to get involved above and beyond what is expected of other members. For the purpose of clarity, a position of responsibility is defined as any membership type attainable above the level of Member and any position (leadership or not) or group membership which is attainable.

Candidate Selection


Members are appointed to a position of responsibility by another member, or group of members based on their ability to meet the requirements or any prerequisites that are outlined. Meeting these does not mean that the member will definitely be appointed, but puts them into a position where they are able to move or be chosen for the role. In the past, most people appointed to positions were already showing interest or assisting someone else in the role before hand.

Key Points When appointing members to positions of responsibility:

  1. Look at those who meet the requirements
  2. Look at whom is most enthusiastic and dedicated to the task
  3. Take into account experience or skills related to the positioning


  • Attitude and dedication is looked at more highly than skills that can be taught or learnt during the course of any appointment.
  • It is of vital importance, that all appointments are non-bias and fair


In high profile positions of responsibility such as the Director, an election must be held to appoint a candidate - this allows the entire community to voice their opinion on who they would like to support. Although mandatory for the directorship, Elections can be used for any position if members feel that it would be beneficial.

  • Only the Executive Director is under obligation to be appointed by election
  • Other roles can be filled by the most skilled, committed and able member(s)
  • Disputes of this policy should follow Section 2.4
  • Election voting lasts for (7) days
  • The majority requirement for elections is 80% with 1 candidate, 51% with 2 candidates or 34% with 3 candidates

Term Limits

Term limits for roles are 3 months rolling, meaning that there is no obligation to hold the position for longer than 3 months but likewise there is no obligation to step down. However, at each 3 month interval the position will be reviewed and other potential candidates considered. The exception to the rule is the Director, who runs on a 12 month fixed term, meaning an election is held each year regardless of whether the director is opting for an additional term.

Transfer & Dismissal

The transferring or dismissal of members from positions of responsibility is typically self motivated, members will often transfer to other positions in the same or even other areas of the community. Sometimes members will opt not to take on another position. In rare cases where members are not fulfilling the requirement of the role, or are caught abusing the position they may be dismissed to allow for a more effective member to take their place.

Games, Groups and Servers


  • Games, Groups and Servers are treated equally as Support Groups
  • All games are classified as either Unsupported, Popular, Emerging or Supported, which in turn dictate certain aspects of their support
  • When a game gathers enough interest, it enters a division called Horizon
  • When a game leaves Horizon it will have a Team Leader officially assigned
  • Games can only have (1) Leader at a time
  • Games which are large in size or complexity or have multiple branches of interest should assign additional team members to support the team leader
  • All or Server Supported by the Community must comply with the Community Guidelines and Server Administration Guidelines

Server Management

Teamspeak Rules

  • Your Teamspeak Nickname is your [IGG] Username, do not change it under any circumstances without officially changing your [IGG] Name first
  • No Spamming in voice or chat
  • No Advertising
  • Use the correct channel when in game (i.e. don't play Battlefield in Minecraft channels)
  • If you are moved to another channel by a administrator or Supporting member, stay in that channel until further notice
  • Do not enter a channel which is marked [DND] without first seeking permission from members in the channel first
  • Excessive drunken behaviour will result in a temporary ban (up to 24 hours)

Game Management

Key Concepts

Game Management is about taking a game, regardless of it's genre or features and creating a framework for community interaction with it. This can be as simple as launching a server, creating a competitive team or for MMO's creating a regular event in which community members can participate. Team Leaders of games within the community usually start as players who enjoy the game in which they manage. By managing games in this way we are able to support fully the development of new servers, teams or events with both the experience of other leaders and the communities resources and in return new members will join from those games, who would not have found us otherwise.

Development Stages


Initially, all games are unsupported - they reside in the Other Games section of Teamspeak and the channels for them are deleted automatically when the server performs maintenance restarts.

Key Characteristics

  • No assigned Leader
  • No official servers or events
  • No (permanent) channels on teamspeak


Unsupported games which build in popularity will have their channels moved to the Popular Games section of Teamspeak which makes the channel permanent. Often this happens due to community members setting up unofficial servers or events.

Key Characteristics

  • No assigned Leader
  • No official servers
  • (Permanent) Teamspeak Channels
  • Usually have spin-up potential, in which case team may be assigned
  • Games which gain momentum and support become Emerging
  • Games like Payday will often remain here, due to format issues

Emerging (Horizon)

The Horizon team always look for new games which have the potential to become a large part of the community. From the popular games list the Horizon team will look to see if the game in question has the potential to become a fully supported game. This is not always possible, games like Payday 2 can be very popular but lack the potential of large scale support because of it's 4 player limit. Emerging games are such because they are being worked on by the Horizon team to push them towards supported status.

  • Spin-up Leader assigned
  • Development or Spin-up team active
  • Close monitoring and support
  • Server development or regular events expected
  • Server or Group rules, guidelines and advertising prepared and finalised
  • Await approval before becoming fully Supported
  • Spinning Up:
    • Spinning up is the act of taking an emerging game and making it a supported one
    • Whilst a game is in Spin-up a Member is assigned as a Spin-up Leader, usually someone with experience in such areas
    • Games in Spin-up wont always make it to Supporting Stage, but they fall under the responsibility of the Gaming Director or if not present, the Executive Director


Supported games are those which have an officially recognised presence in the community, the team who lead the game have shown their ability to lead and the game team has been thoroughly checked to ensure it complies with with our guidelines. Because of this we're able to provide a consistent experience across all games and our members know what to expect from an IGG Server, Event or Team. Supported games will benefit from financial, resource and training support from the communities operational groups.

Key Characteristics

  • Assigned Leader
  • Server or Group rules, guidelines and advertising agreed, adopted and published
  • One of the following must apply
    • There is an active server being populated and developed
    • There is an active event series taking place on a regular basis
    • There is an active group or team playing the game at scheduled times, which is open to new members



Complaints, Violations and Conflict


Sometimes issues do arise, members are required to report violations of guidelines to a member of the community team or in writing to (


We will always endeavour to resolve any issue as it arises as fairly as possible. However, on occasion action may need to be taken - depending on the seriousness of any violation of the above one or more of the following actions may be taken:

  • A Verbal Warning
  • A Written Warning
  • A Final Written & Verbal Warning (Final Warning) with no less than 3 Supporting Member(s) involved
  • A Ban from between 24 Hours to 30 Days by unanimous agreement of no less than 5 Supporting Member(s)
  • A Permanent Ban and Membership Revocation by recommendation of MS, agreement of the CT (See Voting Basis)

In a case where a permanent ban is justified, a temporary ban of up to 30 days is permitted to allow for a decision to be made at the nearest meeting of the Community Team.


  • The Community Fund will continue to be entrusted to the Funding Administrators (formally Steering Committee)
  • Funding Administrators full identities are disclosed to relevant authorities upon access being granted, this is just a legal requirement
  • The Fund is also registered in the United Kingdom, under English Law
  • The Funding Report is published each month, to all Members