Resupply and Movement Operations

Training code

In the RSMO-1 Resupply and Movement Course the participants gets tested on their ability to recieve and understand a resupply order, aswell as process and prepare the order for pickup, or to deliver it yourself. All the while communicating and coordinating with command and/or elements that will be recieving the supplies.

Qualification prerequisites

To pass this checklisted training you can only fail to demonstrate 1 minor qualification. Failing to demonstrate any of the 4 major proficiencies will result in a failure. The examiner will explain why you failed these points and what you can do to pass them. The test can be retaken after a period of seven days. Only the points that led to the previous failure will be reassessed.

  • (MAJ) Receive a resupply order
    • Be able to correctly understand an order.
    • Be able to read it back correctly.
  • (MAJ) Equip and setup a resupply crate to be ready for transport.
    • Be able to utilise the correct supply crate.
    • Be able to move the crate to the pickup location.
  • (MAJ) Be able to; either help load a supply crate into a vehicle, or do it on your own where applicable.
    • Into a ground vehicle. 
    • Into a fixed-wing aircraft.
    • Into a rotary-wing aircraft.
    • Help guide a pilot to sling load the cargo for a rotary-wing aircraft.
  • (MAJ) Coordinate and communicate with relevant personnel for pickup and transport of prepared supply crates
  • (MINOR) Be able to deliver the resupply crate yourself via land/sea when needed.
  • (MINOR) Coordinate and communicate with other resupply personnel.

Awarded upon completion:

2 MM