Survival Denied 2





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Ranger 1-1
Start time
2018-11-18 GMT00:00:00
End time


The insurgent cells you assaulted a few days ago appears to have been more organized than we believed. And because of that the last commander you attempted to bring in, we suspect was notified about the impending attack on his compound.

The numbers of enemy soldiers participating in the ambush at said compound also gave us some extra questions to ask the commanders you did bring in, and we have confirmed that the reason there was so many enemy combatants mobilized to that ambush so fast, was due to the presence of an insurgent HQ in the vicinity. This HQ is located on a small peninsula south west of Pyrgos, and we've been tasked with wiping out the entire insurgent presence there.

Unfortunately our intel also suggests that the insurgents have picked up on some of their leaders capture, and have mobilized all their remaining forces and stashed assets in an attempt to fend us off.

Thus you will be given a small CAS & Transport support detachment for the following mission, and we'll probably be able to spare 1 artillery barrage in a small window consisting of the first half of the operations alloted time. (First hour after deployment, 1 target, max 20 rounds, 4x M109 Paladin Battery)

Additional Notes:

Standard US Army gear M4, M249, Mk11, MAAWS, M136

Overcast, light rain, Late morning, medium wind.

AH-6M littlebird is only allowed Machinegun/Miniguns any variants within those parameters is fine.

Very small personell capacity for transport helos, will require 2 trips for entire team to and from AO with medevac blackhawk, plan accordingly. (Flight to/from AO takes aprox 2-3 minutes one way)

Small and agile MH-6M littlebirds available for fast fireteam relocation and resupply

Light/Medium AA presence

I request sticking to helo's for reinsertion. (Good coms in terms of KIA reports)




  • Wipe out Insurgents
    • Sweep designated area and eliminate any hostiles you find
    • Search every building within the designated area for enemy soldiers and assets


  • Gather intelligence on insurgent numbers and identities
    • Attempt to take count of soldiers eliminated
    • Retrieve all enemy dogtags

Friendly assets

  • 1x Medevac Blackhawk
  • 1x AH-6M Attack Littlebird
  • ∞x MH-6M Transport Littlebird

Enemy assets

  • Infantry and Technicals


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron