Lets play a game, within the Game - Hide and Seek at Ishgard

Final Fantasy XIV

Hide and Seek at Ishgard

26th October(Friday) 7pm BST

A simple game of hide and seek at Ishgard and the winner will get a Prize (Surprise item.)

Available Locations are: Ishgard - Foundation   and    Ishgard - The Pillers


How To Play: The Seeker will start at the Ishgard - Foundation Large Aetheryte in and Hiders will start at Ishgard - Foundation. Once everyone is in position, A 3 min timer will start. Once the 3 min timer start, Hiders go and find a hiding spot and the Seeker stays at the aetheryte. Once the 3 min has ended. the Seeker will try and find you.

Rules:  You start with 1 seeker and X amount of hiders. Once a Hider has been found, he/she becomes a seeker until the last hider is found. Once a hider have found a spot, he/she must remain there until found. Anyone is welcome to join but only people who apply to Lets play a game, within the Game - Hide and Seek are entitled to the prize.


For purpose of this event could all contestants please turn off character labels ( especially you seekers out there) to do so go to character configuration and on the display name settings tab, use the hide configuration

How To Apply: Comment below saying "Count me In" and you'll be added to the prize list and the last one found on the list, Wins!!!

Count me in

event now closed

Marcus was the winner