A Scorpions Nest

From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

Start time
2018-09-09 BST18:30:00
End time


With limited information 1-1 responds to a call for help from 2-1 who where ambushed just south of Zargabads mosque.

From Letters of war: Cpl. William Carnell

Takistan really is a shit hole. It's hot during the day and cold at night. I know what you're thinking brother but when I say hot I mean hot and the way it cools down at night is just outlandish. And then there is the dust and sand. It gets everywhere. Our equipment needs continuous maintenance and still shit is breaking down day and night. And then there is a locals. These people are the worst and they deserve the hellhole they have created for themselves. Then again, I don't understand why we are here. First I thought we were here to save these people. But then, when I saw where we were stationed and what we were protecting it was hard to think differently. It would be easy to say that we work for corporations. But that still isn't the whole picture. Obviously these people need work. And if good old America can benefit from it, hey who am I to judge. So what is it like you ask? Absolutely boring. Endless patrols in smoldering heat, punctuated by sporadic firefights. The one yesterday though was something different. Dense streets, dark alleys and all these people just standing around gaping. Well at least until the shooting started. A lot of people died. It seemed like there were a thousand of them. On the debrief they said it was a joint strike of multiple clans estimated at around 300 insurgents. We have bagged around 100 of them. I just don't understand what these people want. And that they are willing to die for it, that's a whole different level. Then again they probably don't understand us either. It's not unusual for anti-American slogans to reference capitalism or the ideal of freedom stated ironically. Why am I here? Why, am I here? This is all I ever was good at.



  • Respond to Ranger 2-1's call for aid.
  • Recover all personnel from 2-1 dead or alive (8 people)

Friendly assets

  • M2 Humvees
  • Mk19 Humvees
  • Troop carrier trucks

Enemy assets

  • Guerilla Infantry
  • Technicals
  • Possible Armour


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron