Single caucasian male looking for group to play with

Introduce Yourself!

Greetings people of the interpretable life,


I was told to make a post here by supreme leader Keffie, so here it is.

I am Zico van der Laan, also going by the moniker of "Skeets", but I'm sure no one would've guessed that yet. A kidnapping occurred and that is the reason I am here. My captors are Keffie and Joy. 

I am 23 years old by the time I type this. Location: The Netherlands. I usually play anything that comes my path, although racing games and what not are a bit low on the list. Grand strategy being on the top of them. I am often drawn to survival genres and shooters, although the latter often reveals my poor aim.

I am already worrying for those who I get in contact with, but nontheless I hope my loving charm will be able to keep me around and even if that isn't the case, I am unable to get rid of so good luck.


- Zico


Hey Bro !!!!!!!   +1 from me :D 


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+1 One of us, One of us. Gooble Gobble

seeing as your one of the few (3) people that have spotted me outside of the interwebs i feel obliged to +1 your introductiory post.

also because its a good post!

Join us playing games man. Playing games ensures membership.*

*other conditions may apply

+1 bruh good mission ;)

I'm prepared to go on the recommendation of others, +1 from me too.

+1 great guy