KAC Epilogue: Consequences





From: Col R. Williams

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-9 )

To team
Start time
2018-07-22 BST18:30:00
End time
Korean Aegis


The North Koreans prevented some of our own forces from evacuating from Isla abramia before our retaliatory nuclear strikes landed upon the small archipelago, this forced us to re-route the warhead heading for Yolandi, to give our forces a chance to get to safety before any fallout started raining down over the city.

The rest of the warheads hit their intended targets however, ensuring that the vast majority of korean forces on the island where wiped out, and most areas outside Yolandi should now be considered radioactive hellscapes.

We where unsure if any of our forces actually survived, until we got a transmission from the nuclear shelter at the Mt. Ferro military base. The information we recieved indicated that about 42 survivors regrouped at the airfield of Yolandi immediatly after the nukes fell, they where all intending to head to the shelter, but after a large dust storm kicked up, they got seperated and lost, only 7 people reached the nuclear shelter.

They suspect however that due to their proximity to the town, the other 35 survivors may have attempted to seek refuge in Yolandi itself. While not ideal, both the small military base, and the hospital in the town, would provide rudimentary protection against the fallout.

Unfortunately, we lost contact shortly thereafter, the last transmission was panicked calls for immediate aid, saying enemy forces had found them.

You'll be deploying from your Spec-ops carrier, the USS Spectre, in an attempt to find and retrieve as many survivors as you can. We'll insert you near the Military base of Mt. Ferro, and thus your first objective will be to find the entrance to the nuclear fallout shelter and re-establish contact. Be aware however, that because of the aformentioned intel there is a good chance that on top of all this, we may just have a hostage situation aswell.

Consider the shelter to be occupied by enemy forces, and that they may have hostages.

After you've secured the shelter, move on to Yolandi and do a sweep of the town, your primary buildings to check are the bunkers of the military base on the western part of Yolandi, and the hospital located in the middle of the city. Do keep an eye out for any buildings that you think would be able to offer any protection against radiation thought, any survivor may have panicked and taken shelter just about anywhere they've deemed partially safe.

We'll be sending you in with specialized helicopters designed to atleast partially resist the radiation of the area. These assets will be on station for evacuating any survivors you find, aswell as yourself when you decide that any further search will be fruitless, or you reach the safety dead-line. You'll have 2 hours in the area before we'll be forced to pull you out. Extension MAY be authorized under some circumstances, but do not tarry, lest you want your future offspring to end up with... ...spare parts.


Additional Notes:

Dry lightning storm.

Possibility of intense dust storms.

Without any protection, current radiation levels may lead to cardiac arrest within 2-3 minutes.


Uniform: CTRG Stealth Uniform
Vest: Carrier Rig (Green), Carrier Lite (Green)
Helmet: Stealth Combat Helmet
Facewear: Balaclava (Combat Goggles)
Backpacks: Assault Pack (Green), Kitbag (Green), Tactical Backpack (Green)
Primary Weapons: Mk18(Woodland), Mk11(Woodland), M249, M27 IAR
Launchers: M136, M72A7

Use supressors.

Extra notes:

Under the Watch category, Bring a "Contamination Zone Detector"
Bring extra Uniforms/Helmets/facewear of the types above for any survivors, if you do not plan to extract them right away.



  • Rescue survivors
    • Enter the Nuclear shelter in the Military base at Mt. Ferro
      • Vault entrance located in a bunker on the western part of the base
    • Look for survivors in Yolandi
      • Do a quick sweep of Yolandi to look for structures that may provide some protection from fallout and radiation
      • Regular buildings without windows, hospitals, bunkers may have allowed our people to have survived.


  • Kill any surviving enemy forces you encounter
    • Enemy might have some limited protection gear which allows them to stay outside for limited periods
    • BRDM's are designed to protect against radiation, chemical and biological threats.

Friendly assets

  • Radiation protected Transport helicopters
    • Will be flown by a seperate element

Enemy assets

  • Unknown
    • Suspected infantry and possibly some BRDM's according last reports from friendly forces.