KAC Act2: Ballistic Strike





From: ColGen P. Kinn Duk

(Supreme Intelligence Officer, IGTC, K-3 )

To team
Start time
2018-06-17 BST18:30:00
End time
Korean Aegis



KAC - ACT2: Ballistic Strike - Situation

After our successful defense of our assigned AO from the USMC attack, we've broken the US forces momentum for the time being, we've sustained heavy losses, and lost some ground doing so, but as of now we have been able to lock down the valley's leading into the Pantheran heartland by heavily mining the valleys and surrounding peaks.

Since we now hold the initiative, we'll be using it to perform a counter-strike at the anti-air locations defending the USMC controlled airfields. We suspect that the reason they have not expanded their AA umbrella much after their initial assault, is due to a lack of AA equipment. This gives us a vital opportunity to attempt to make their umbrella collapse altogheter, giving us a significant advantage.

As you might have guessed, this will not be easy however, as the AA positions are within enemy territory, and thus under heavy guard.

Making matters worse, the 41st had to endure an unexpected aerial assault on their assigned AO, and was forced to pull back, leaving behind vital assets for this mission. As such, our first order of buisness is to retrieve said assets, 2 vehicles of the 9P129-1M Tochka-U Tactical Ballistic Missile Launchers variant.

If we manage to locate and secure these launchers, our hunt for the enemy AA positions will hopefully be much easier.

You ought to keep in mind however, that the launchers are most likely scheduled for demolition, so time is of the essence, and any usage of them could result in a aerial counter-assault, prepare accordingly.


Additional Notes:

21st Squadron will be flying CAP for the duration of the mission, so enemy fixed-wing presence will most likely be a non-issue for your teams.

The Tochka-U's require an ammo truck and quite a bit of time to reload.

There is a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it. keep moving, and use any advantage you have to get things done fast.

Securing the position you find the Tochka-U's in, may allow you to move to Phase 2 sooner, but might make it harder to defend them.

There is a storm on the horizon

Day time mission (12:00 @ deployment)


Uniform: M93(Woodland)
Vest: 6B5-19
Helmet: SSh-68
Primary Weapons: AK-74N, AK-74N(GP-25), PKM, SVDS. (NPZ/PLUM variant not allowed)
Launchers: RShG-2, RPG-26, RPG-7V2, 9k38 IGLA



  • Destroy the 3 AA Positions in US held territory.
    • Secure 41st's abandoned 9P129-1M Tochka-U's
      • Use forward recon to get target locations
    • If all else fails, attempt to take them out with a ground assault.
      • May need aircraft to circumvent minefields.


  • Recapture lost territory on the north western island
    • Search and destroy the majority of the enemy forces.

*Our assets is for this whole ACT2

**These assets can and may be transferred to additional acts, to reinforce assets given in upcoming acts.

***Due to the large amount of ground assets, they will be deployed as necessary by zeus to save fps

Friendly assets

Ground Vehicles

  • 4x ZSU-23-4V
  • 2x BTR-70
  • 2x BRDM-2 (Machinegun)
  • 3x BRDM-2 (Konkurs AT)
  • 1x BMP-2
  • 2x BMP-1P
  • 1x T-72S
  • 4x T-55A
  • 1x Ural(Fuel)
  • 1x GAZ-66(Repair)
  • 1x GAZ-66(Ammo)
  • 1x GAZ-66(Medical)
  • ∞x BRDM-2 (Unarmed)
  • ∞x Ural-4320 Transport Truck
  • ∞x Quad bikes


  • 4x Mi-25
  • 2x Mi-8MTV3
  • 1x Mi-8MTV3(Heavy)
  • 1x Mi-8MT
  • 1x A-149 Gryphon
  • 2x SU-25K Frogfoot

Enemy assets

  • United States Marine Corps 

  • Ground Infantry
  • Ground Vehicles
  • Anti-Aircraft
  • Aircraft
  • Artillery