KAC Act1: Hightail

From: ColGen P. Kinn Duk

(Supreme Intelligence Officer, IGTC, K-3 )

To team
Start time
2018-05-13 BST19:00:00
End time
Korean Aegis


With a foothold secured on the island, we've been tasked to push up along the main road leading to the city of Lapangan and beyond. The purpose of this, is to gain ground close enough to the airports to hit them with our BM-21 Grads.

You will move up to and past the 98th Mechanized, which after heavy fighting against the QRF earlier, ended up losing their ammo truck. If possible lend them your ammo truck until they can get a replacement.

Once you pass the 98th you'll be close to the frontline, push forward and dismantle their defensive lines, whilst you repell any counter-attacks. We expect the USMC to be the primary ground fighters at this particular stage, utilizing the JASDF as support.

the 105th armored, along with their accompanying infantry division, is currently setting up a defensive line at the northern-most road on the island, just north of Hill 357. At Hill 357 itself, and down south towards the castle of Hancur puri is where our recon forces, the 162nd is located. They've been scouting ahead and confirmed a few AA and AT positions in and around Lapangan aswell as a heavy defensive line at the factory "Pembawa".

Also be mindful of the forested hills south of Toko Tempat, the extremely dense forests of Tembeland allows for enemy forces to close the distance without being spotted. This however, works both ways.

Reaper especially, is advised to pay extra good attention to the topography of the AO to prevent them from entering the anti-aircraft envelope, the Type of AA utilized by the enemy aswell as the amount, will require careful flying to keep our assets intact.

Push as far as you can towards lapangan, then dig in and secure your position.




Our own Naval Battlegroup's anti-air capability is currently the only thing preventing the Japan Air Self-Defense Force from launching fixed-wing aircraft against us, and intel indicates that in response to our presence near the island, the USAF have dispatched bombers with anti-ship missiles, along with fighter and tanker support. We expect we'll have time for about 3 operations, including this one, before our own Navy will have to retreat, leaving us without air-defense.

At that point, we'll either decide to retreat with them to maintain our ground and aerial assets for future operations, or we'll attempt to endure the inevitable air-strikes until we manage to complete our objectives on the island (Read campaign brief ACT 1 objectives)

Completion of the ACT1 objectives, will reduce air-strikes in upcoming acts.



Uniform: M93(Woodland)
Vest: 6B5-19
Helmet: SSh-68
Primary Weapons: AK-74N, AK-74N(GP-25), PKM, SVDS. (NPZ/PLUM variant not allowed)
Launchers: RShG-2, RPG-26, RPG-7V2, 9k38 IGLA (9M135 Vorona*)



  • Push the frontline forward towards Lapangan
    • Neutralize enemy defenses and push back enemy counter-attacks
    • Ensure the designated road trough the middle of the island is secure


  • Resupply the 98th Mechanized
    • At deployment, bring your ammo truck to the link up location.
    • Talk to any officer to confirm transfer.
    • Your ammo truck will be given back at the end of the mission.
    • Failure to complete will delay support from the 98th.
  • Respond to calls of support from other elements
    • Further information will be given along with any and all calls for support

*Our assets is for this whole ACT1

**These assets can and may be transferred to additional acts, to reinforce assets given in upcoming acts.

Friendly assets

  • Ground Vehicles
    • 1x BTR-80A
    • 3x ZSU-23-4V
    • 2x BRDM-2 (Machinegun)
    • 4x BRDM-2 (Konkurs AT)
    • 2x BMP-2
    • 2x T-72S
    • 4x Logistical Vehicles
    • ∞x BRDM-2 (Unarmed)
    • ∞x Ural-4320 Transport Truck
  • Aircraft
    • 4x Mi-25
    • 2x Mi-8MTV3
    • 1x Mi-8MTV3(Heavy)
    • 1x Mi-8MT
    • 2x Bell-212 Huey-Escort


Naval 122mm Artillery Battery:
40-80 rounds HE ~100m radius dispersion.

98th Mechanized Division

Enemy assets

  • United States Marine Corps 
    • Ground Infantry
    • Ground Vehicles
    • Static defenses
    • Mortars
  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force 
    • Artillery
    • Anti-Aircraft
    • Aircraft