KAC Act1: Forward Block

From: ColGen P. Kinn Duk

(Supreme Intelligence Officer, IGTC, K-3 )

To team
Start time
2018-05-06 BST19:00:00
End time
Korean Aegis


Our initial attack will be on the Besar Airbase and the small town of Bagain.

Besar will allow us to use the enemies own infrastructure to bring in and launch our own air support and we're securing Bagain since it's in an easily defendable location (refer to the below image)

We've made our initial landing on Kasur Island, from there we will be moving east to secure our objectives. Topographical data shows that both the airbase and the town is accessible from Kasur, due to shallow waters in the area that allows us to cross, even with our non-amphibious vehicles. (might be slightly too deep for infantry, recommend utilizing vehicles to get them across fast. Also check attached image for shallow waters)

The enemy is unfortunately alerted to our presence, and have most likely set up a line of defense as Bagain. As for the shores near the airbase, no defenses have been spotted from Kasur. Therefore we suspect the enemy might have mined the forest around the base itself. It'll be up to you wether or not you'll flank around and use the roads where any mines will be easier to spot, or utilize an EOD team to force your way trough the forest.

On another note, we also believe there are still a good amount of enemy aircraft stationed at the airbase, we suspect however that they will begin to fly them out and away as soon as they're able, so move fast if you want to aquire additional assets.

As mentioned previously, we consider the town of Bagain to be of tactical importance, due to its location. It will offer a chokepoint if the enemy attempts to mount a counter-attack, as for ROE regarding civillians, don't waste your ammo needlessly, if they get in the way, use whatever measures you deem necessary to "remove" them. The structures are also yours to demolish, if you feel the rubble will provide better defense.


Our own Naval Battlegroup's anti-air capability is currently the only thing preventing the Japan Air Self-Defense Force from launching fixed-wing aircraft against us, and recent intel indicates that in response to our presence near the island, the USAF have dispatched bombers with anti-ship missiles, along with fighter and tanker support. We expect we'll have time for about 4 operations, including this one, before our own Navy will have to retreat, leaving us without air-defense.

At that point, we'll either decide to retreat with them to maintain our ground and aerial assets for future operations, or we'll attempt to endure the inevitable air-strikes until we manage to complete our objectives on the island (Read campaign brief ACT 1 objectives)

Completion of the ACT1 objectives, will reduce air-strikes in upcoming acts.




Uniform: M93(Woodland)
Vest: 6B5-19
Helmet: SSh-68
Primary Weapons: AK-74N, AK-74N(GP-25), PKM, SVDS. (NPZ/PLUM variant not allowed)
Launchers: RShG-2, RPG-26, RPG-7V2, 9k38 IGLA (9M135 Vorona*)



  • Establish Foothold
    • Secure Besar Airbase
    • Route the enemy from Bagain


  • Secure enemy helo assets
    • The earlier you hit Besar, the less assets the enemy will be able to fly away with.
    • Avoid destroying infrastructure in Besar Airbase
  • Prepare for potential enemy QRF
    • The earlier you route the enemy from Bagain, the more time you will have to setup defenses
    • Destruction of civilian infrastructure is a non-issue, if it will help you dig in and secure the area.

*Our assets is for this whole ACT1, with additional armor/aircraft after this particular mission.

**These assets can and may be transferred to additional acts, to reinforce assets given in upcoming acts.

Friendly assets

  • 4x BTR-80A
  • 1x ZSU-23-4V
  • 2x BRDM-2 (Machinegun)
  • 4x BRDM-2 (Konkurs AT)
  • 2x BMP-2
  • 1x 2S25 Amphibious Tank
  • 4x Logistical Vehicles
  • ∞x BRDM-2 (Unarmed)
  • ∞x Ural-4320 Transport Truck


Naval 122mm Artillery Battery:
40-80 rounds HE ~100m radius dispersion.

Enemy assets

  • United States Marine Corps 
    • Ground Infantry
    • Ground Vehicles
    • Possibly APC's/IFV's
  • Japan Air Self-Defense Force 
    • Ground Infantry
    • Ground Vehicles
    • Aircraft