Operation Kickback





From: Col O. Hebron

(Intelligence Officer, IGTC, S-3 )

To team
Active Ranger 1-1 Ranger 1-2 Air Combat Element
Start time
2018-03-25 BST18:30:00
End time


We've deployed to Shapur, in response to our Kurdish allies in the area requesting assistance with rooting out one of the last IS strongholds in the area.


The Kurds ended up taking heavy casualties last night, after a failed flanking manouver left 2 of their squads cut off, and any attempt at regrouping with the elements was met with heavy enemy resistance.

as night fell, the last remaining combat effective kurds had to give up on their stranded men, and gathered their wounded and fell back to their defensive positions in the Greenfor zone. There they've been digging in and tending to their wounded.

They expect the enemy to start periodic probing assaults as soon as first daylight appears, and will at that point more than likely require our aid to repel them and turn the tide of the battle.



 We're located in the Blufor zone at a makeshift airfield, and our Kurdish allies are currently dug in inside oil storage facility marked as the Greenfor zone.

The 2 squads last position where reported in the Contested zone.

Civillians MAY be present in Opfor Zones, and is almost guaranteed to still be present in the Civillian zones, as these mostly contain housing and shops.

Opfor zones are where we will find most of the enemy weapons and ammo caches, as these are military and factory installations. these zones are also where we believe the enemy have hidden away their armored vehicles.

Opfor will also be located inside civillian zones, so be extra vigilant in those areas, as IS may disguise themselves in an attempt to ambush you.


Minefields are active on the southern outskirts of shapur itself, and stretch all the way up to their flank where it abruptly ends, we believe that they have setup heavy defenses on their flanks to attempt to force us into the southern chokepoint. if any flanking attempts is to be made, its recommended to try to clear a smaller section of the minefield to allow our troops and support assets to safely pass, but it's unknown if they're expecting us to do so. Also keep in mind that if a flanking manouver is attempted, you must not neglect the primary objective of preventing the Greenfor zone from being overrun.

Reaper is not authorized to be utilized for CAS within Civillian zones, unless leaflets are distributed atleast 2 times in each civillian zone and the civillians is given reasonable time to evacuate. it will be up to Ranger-6, wether or not these leaflets will be deployed.


It's currently morning, with a slight overcast, no rain, but quite a bit of wind.



  • Aid friendly forces
    • Prevent the last Kurdish held area from being overrun in the Greenfor zone.
    • Rescue 2 squads of Kurdish infantry from the Contested zone OR transport their bodies to the Greenfor Zone.


  • Neutralize IS forces in the area
    • Clear the Opfor zones.
    • Destroy atleast 3 caches of weapons & ammo.

Friendly assets

  • Rangers
    • 1x M1A2 "TUSK II" Abrams
    • 2x M2A3 "BUSK III" Bradley
    • 2x M113A3 M2
    • 1x M113A3 Mk19
    • 1x Logistic/Medical Truck
    • ∞x Humvees
    • ∞x Mastiffs
    • ∞x Trucks
  • Reaper
    • 1x AH-64D Longbow
    • 1x UH-60 EWS Blackhawk
    • 2x MQ-12 Falcon UAV
    • 1x YABHON-R3 UAV

Enemy assets

  • 150-200 Infantry
    • Large amount of heavy/static weaponry
  • 10-20 Technicals and APC's
  • 3-4 Tanks
  • AAA confirmed with a possibilty of manpads in form of stingers and iglas.


Colonel O. Hebron

IGTC Operations & Intelligence

Intelligence Officer

Signed O. Hebron